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Thread: greetings from washington state

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    Default greetings from washington state

    hey guys. im somewhat new to this site. i couldnt really figure it out before, so i havent logged on much. anyways just wanna say hi!

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    Hello, i'm also from Washington! (state) don't ya hate how ya gotta say the word state so people know your not from DC?

    Anyway, we do like more of an introduction usually. What do you like to do for fun? Job? are you an ab? dl? stuff like that.

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    Welcome to ADISC, why dont you tell us more about yourself. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Effect View Post
    Welcome to ADISC, why dont you tell us more about yourself. :P
    ^^ That. AND Welcome to ADISC!!

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    Glad you have started to figure out the forums. Hope you will share more of what your hobbies and interest are. Here on the board are very supportive people and there is more than just diaper talk that goes on here.

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