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    Default Hello I'm twinkle

    Obviously I'm new here. I was told about this site by a close friend of mine and decided it would be good to try it.
    I'm a furry...
    In my are I find it hard to fit in completely. Sometimes I can stick out from the crowd a bit. I'm sort of unsure about myself.
    Um... I'm a night person. I have a meditative routine of moving in large circles whether I be on foot or wheels, after dark especially.
    Thank you for your time

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    Hi twinkle! I would've responded to your thread sooner, but i was distracted talking to my roommate.
    I'd glad to be the one to inform you that Adisc is a fantastic forum. Of AB/DL social websites, I have found the members of Adisc are relatively smart, nice and helpful. I think it's likely you've noticed there are several other furries here, too.
    I'm a night person myself, lately. Thankfully, a good portion of ADISC's members reside in Europe, so you'll usually have someone to reply to your posts late in the night. It's very good to have friends in far places!
    Twinkle, what is your furry species? Have you ever been to a convention before?
    Please! tell some more about your AB/DL interests: are you very connected to stuffed animals or sippy cups? Do you indeed wear diapers, and if so, are they very important to you? Some ABs, like me, revolve their interest more around toys, clothing, and comfort objects as opposed to diapers. I still love 'em, though

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    It's more of a thing of convenience too. It's harder for me to wear diapers as I'm living with others who are not completely comfortable with the idea.

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    Hello and welcome! I think you'll find lots of cool people to talk to about lots of stuff here.

    What are some of your other interests if you don't mind me asking? Do you play video games? Martial arts maybe? Perhaps hiking other than your meditative circles? Just wondering

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    Hey there, Welcome to ADISC ^^, The people here are friendly and mostly helpful. If theres anything you're unsure about, i'm sure someones talked about it here, feel free to ask

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