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Thread: Getting a 360! :D

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    Default Getting a 360! :D

    Well, tomorrow I will be getting an xbox 360 and I just wanted to know what games I should get for it? :33

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    Fallout 3
    GTA IV
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Red Dead Redemption (I don't have it yet)

    Those are just my choices, it really depends on what type of gamer you are.

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    It depends. What kind of game are you looking for?

    If you are disgusted with violent video games, then I can't very well recommend Fallour 3 to you.......

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    If you like RPG's and like playing them on consoles, then Dragon Age: Origins (or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but I played it on my computer)

    If you like creative FPS's in a neat environment: Bioshock (also played this on my computer)

    If you like FPS's and haven't played it already and want to on a console: The Orange Box (Half life 2 and PORTAL!!!)

    If you like tamer but still neat RPG's: Fable II (Fable III comes out soon as well)

    If you like creative/neat survival horror games sans gore (but still with shooting): Alan Wake

    If you like "Kill it dead! GAH! DIE!" horror games with gore: Dead Space

    If you like open world sandbox games: Red Dead Redemption

    If you like fast-paced beat 'em up action games and don't care too much about story: Bayonetta

    If you like Batman: Batman Arkham Asylum

    A small list, but I really enjoyed these games. It really depends on your style of play and what you like.

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    well if you love the Halo series Reach definetly
    but other than that i recomend all the games recommended above
    Ever need a friend to chat on live contact Noods ^v^

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    I'm really up for any game that isn't sports. xD I'm leaning towards more FPS and survival horror.

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    Just realized how fat that made me sound! LOL. xD I mean that I don't like sports video games.

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    i would say things like gtaiv - thats a fun game
    red dead redemption
    split/second or blur

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    I'm hearing alot about GTAIV even though it's got a little age. But, it's only 20 dollars at Gamestop. I've already beaten Bioshock and I might get the second one.

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