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Thread: Things that make you happy! And things that you love!

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    Default Things that make you happy! And things that you love!

    Every yin needs a yang. I'm providing that service tonight.

    For me, here goes -

    Good companionship
    Hanging with friends
    Relationship with God (I won't attack the atheists, so I expect the atheists to not attack me in return - that sounds fair, does it not?)
    Excellent dramatic cinema
    Bad horror cinema
    Thoughtful literature
    Music - be it opera, gangsta rap, Satan metal, or prog rock
    The adrenaline that comes with an intense workout at the Y
    Healthy presentations of safe and sane human sexuality (in other words, a presentation of sexuality that is different than most of what one sees on TV these days - and NO, I am not talking about banal pornography at all here)

    Oh, and video games. Can't forget those.

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    I agree with the yin-yang thing.

    This site
    My friends
    Music (anything except country)
    Dodgeball (the game not the movie)
    Seeing movies in theaters
    My new puppy
    my teachers (well......2 of them)
    Video games
    watching tv
    and my hobbies.

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    In no particular order
    - Anime
    - Good books (fantasy books are my favorite, but I like most genres)
    - Coffee
    - Anything sweet and delicious
    - Good quality loose teas (nice and relaxing/tasty)
    - Video games
    - Music that suits my current mood
    - Collecting figures
    - My kitties
    - Traveling to new places
    - Cuddles
    - Friends

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    - Spending time with the people I love
    - Having a good day at work
    - Feeling like I've achieved something at the end of the day
    - Having a lie on (Lord knows it's well deserved at the moment)
    - Making silly little things
    - Writing and receiving real handwritten letters

    More to come

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    films (ANYTHING)
    music (most things except country and pop)
    my family
    my friends
    my dog
    any sweets and cakes
    video games
    and my ex

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    Getting home from work.
    playing xbox
    My gas powered R/C truck
    a great weekend
    My Jeep
    a good bowl of ice cream
    a nice ride on my motorcycle
    snuggling up on the couch with a warm blanket and watching a good movie.

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    Cuddling with my cat,
    Days out to happy places,
    Chilling out with my friends, laughing with my friends, doing something new with friends
    Festivals, free parties, outdoor raves - anywhere you can let go a bit and be silly or weird without it being silly or weird.
    Good music (especially live)
    Snuggling up in bed with my favourite toy rabbit at the end of the day knowing I don't have an alarm set
    Spending quality time with my family
    Being snuggly and warm (but not hot)
    Car games
    Long walks in the countryside
    Making little crafty things
    Watching my dummy collection grow
    Picture books & TV shows I loved when i was little
    Remembering things I'd forgotten
    Good, homemade food
    Reading a book I just can't put down.
    Catching up with a friend I haven't seen for ages
    Travelling to new and exciting places
    Tea and toast
    British comedy, stand-up, film, TV-shows
    Soft things
    The funny things kids say and do at work
    Hugs and cuddles
    Card games, esp Shithead, Fluxx and Earthquake
    Finding good stuff in the street
    The beach - rockpooling, sandcastles & paddling
    Writing and receiving stupidly long letters & emails
    Random gifts for no reason
    Studio Ghibli films
    Colouring with crayons
    Making long lists
    Board games, esp Cluedo, Pictionary, Taboo, Guess Who and Cranium
    Sick jokes
    Guessing what someone's thinking
    Kittens, monkeys and red pandas
    Knowing all of the words to my favourite songs
    Being naked in public
    People thinking I'm weird
    Footed sleepers
    Not eating meat
    Organising things alphabetically
    Wrapping up in warm hats and gloves
    Sleeping at other people's houses
    Adventure playgrounds and indoor play-zones
    Inside jokes
    Feathers, glitter, pipe cleaners, buttons, pom-poms, sequins, ribbon
    knitting something awesome
    Being held in arms that are stronger than mine
    Cycling up a big hill and then going back down super fast
    Small toys, figures and knick-knacks
    Dressing up in silly outfits

    I will probably add more as I think of them, making lists of things I like makes me happy!

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    Goodness, there are so many things I love, lol. Let's see:

    On a grander scale:
    - Time spent with loved ones (family and friends)
    - Getting to know and support people online
    - Growing closer and stronger in my personal faith
    - Making new friends, something I've never been good at
    - Coping with my own burdens and reaching out to others in similar places

    On an interests level:
    - Managing online communities (Forums, groups, sites, etc. - I love doing this, I just do)
    - Coming home from work/school/anywhere and coming back to ADISC and my own sites
    - Coding websites, I really do love sitting down and building something from the ground up
    - Writing (I am, and always will be, a writer. I love doing it, always have.)
    - Problem solving (I love using this creative and analytical end of me to solve problems)
    - Hockey (Huge fan of all forms, all outlets: playing, watching, following, collecting, writing, etc.)
    - The Simpsons (nope, no one knows I love this show . It's helped me through some of the darkest times.)
    - Video games (Have always loved playing them, though I am pretty selective and get obsessed with specific ones often.)
    - Reading (Have always enjoyed a good book, so long as I find the time.)
    - Listening to music (always, lol)

    There are more, but those are some of the highlights.

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