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Thread: Campaign to remove letters from the alphabet!!!

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    Default Campaign to remove letters from the alphabet!!!

    You heard it right, I am trying to get rid of letters from the English alphabet!!!!

    Specifically I want to get rid of "C" and "X", because they are redundant.

    Essentially any noise that kan be made with either of the two letters kan be made with other egsisting letters with the eksception of the "cha" sound. Such as in "chew".

    I propose a new letter for that sound altogether.

    Who will join me???

    I've made a group for the purpose of spreading the word. Here's the link

    AULG (The Against Unnecessary Letters Group) -

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    Ummm, no. It's pretty ironic that you have some c's in your group name, and "eksception". They make my life easier.

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    But then we can't spell words like xeric, xylophone, xylograph, xenolith, or Xebec. Come on, who doesn't use Xebec less than 5 times a day?

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    I'm afraid you're gonna hafta get rid of those boltpup. my last name and first name also has Cs in it. And they've gotta go.

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    Sorry, but it won't work. Even though I agree with you that those letters are completely redundant; it's the fact that those letters are so ingrained in our language that to remove them would take generations of work and would be way to difficult for us lazy Americans to do.

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    Yes us lazy Americans...and I don't that other country that speaks English....ENGLAND. This is just as stupid as color vs colour. YOu eed a C for the word Charmander and Cyan a COLOR. It's not kyan. I hope this is a joke..

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    oh no dont remove C and X
    what would happen to Cinnabons or Xylophones everywhere
    it wont be the same
    You Finally Did it
    DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU BLEW IT UP

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