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    My home is having new heating next week so my mum has been clearing things away. Anyway she came upon and has movd out my childood "collection" of teddies. 3 bin liners full.
    Now don't worry they arent being skipped, I'd never let that happen. But there must be about 150 of them that I've had and hugged as a kid. And now as a big child I still have them + one more.

    Now as an AB I sleep with a couple and have a few more ontop of a wardrobe. One inparticular goes with me most places (He's under my arm as I type), Raccy, a big raccoon. I've had since I was about 5.

    This got me thinking though.

    I dunno about you guys, whether your abism meant a fresh flood of teds or whether you looked into childhoods gone but what exactly makes your teddy, well, yours?
    Was yours someone you found as a kid, given to you? Handed down?
    Or was your someone you met recently?

    To everyone I'm sure they mean the world but why? lol

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    I just got my first real stuffed animal as an AB. It is a stuffed shark, and I have yet to name him.

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    my favourite is my bolt, because he is my fursona and also make me feel childish
    i dont really have ones i had as a kid

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    i have an entire box full (i've never thrown even a single stuffed animal away) but my favorites i line up in my bedroom for decoration, they all have different stories but my favorite has got to be, puss in boots, from Shreck, I'm not quite sure where i got him from.

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    <-- My Buzzy (The bear in my avatar) is my favorite. My mother gave him to me when I was half a year old, and I have had him ever since. I will take him with me to the grave!

    The overalls he is wearing were mine originally, but I quickly grew out of them, so she put them on him, and they have not come off except when he gets cleaned.

    I have some other teddies that I bought over the past 5 years or so. A couple are of the same style as Buzzy, but none of them will replace him.

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    I had a stuffed Raphael (sp?) ninja turtle when I was little, I loved the black off of the eyes many times, my mom always re-drew them with a sharpie lol

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    Sandy, my polar bear he's about a foot and a half tall and a bit chunky lol had him since my baby shower. As a taller guy, he's the perfect size for me plus I have a rabbit and a frog that croaks, both from my very early childhood.

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    i have my mogu courgue plushie teddy if you know what that is. i have yet to give him a name but his great to snuggle close with and sleep with.

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    While I do have some keepsake plushies in a box in my mom's shed, I have 2 new ones that are my main ones. I have Lord Kinsington, a stuffed walrus that Daddy got me for Valentine's Day, and then I have 'adopted' Tubby, my Daddy's teddy bear that his mom gave him when he was born. They mean a lot to me because one was a gift, the other because I know it means a lot to my Daddy, so I take care of him when he is at work. : 3 (I really need a picture of them together!)

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    Hi Iím baby Justin. Now I had an elmo when I was a kid that I wouldnt leave the house without he was my nap partner in preschool the teacher thought I was adorable the way I carried him around but I lost him when I was 7 after that I got a husky named grimm at build a bear I use to keep him really close but now hesitance just one of my sleeping partners my favorite is a stitch plushie that my grandma got me when she went to disney world in orlando florida u.s.a. I take stitch almost everywhere and I wonít sleep without him I get scared without him sleeping with me and then I have nightmares and I scream and cry plus he help make me happy when im sad or lonely or im just sad cause I weally miss my mommy who passed away when I was only 5

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