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Thread: Disposing of diapers while in college?/ Waking up to pee ever two hours.

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    Default Disposing of diapers while in college?/ Waking up to pee ever two hours.

    Issue 1: When in college I am going to have to wear diapers to class to keep my sanity. My bladder officially hates me. Although I have never had an "accident" my bladder seems to have no capacity and thus I feel like I have to run to the bathroom constantly. I am going to talk to my doctor before I leave for college. I am fine if someone finds out that I wear but I still do not know how to dispose of them. I would like to be discreet and above all courteous. Qbviously I don't want to just dump my wet diapers in the bathroom shared by me and my roomate (whats that smell...). Ideas?

    Issue 2: Like I said, my bladder hates me. Every time I lay down my bladder feels more full than it actually is. Consequently I wake up every two hours or so to go to the bathroom or else I cannot sleep. I am assuming that will annoy the hell out of my roomate/roomates. If I have a single room I could just pee in a cup/something then pour it in the toilet in the morning. Chances are I will have a double for at least the first year. What do I do. The only thing I can think of is diapering up. I am not wild about that idea. It seems kind of dumb to waste a diaper when a bathroom is litterally like 2 ft away. I am on a limited budget for diapers as my parents don't know.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about disturbing your room mate(s). Chances are they won't care if they disturb you.

    Also, another option you can try is an external catheter and leg bag. The external catheter can be left in place from 1 to about 3 days I believe, and the bag is washable and reusable. You can even use a bed bag and hide it on the backside of the bed. Just connect to it at night and empty in the morning.

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    Sounds like you really ought to be using diapers full time (unless your doctor gives you a magic cure lol)

    For disposal with min smell you really need to tie each diaper in a diaper bag (scented maybe) and then place in a small bag lined bin with a lid. When the bag lined bin is full take full bag and dispose, replace new bag.

    I know the above is using a bit of plastic but it is the only way I can think of to minimize the old tomato soup smell.

    As for wasting diapers/limiting spend how about diaper doublers during the day that can be changed while using the 1 diaper?

    At night peeing in a cup sounds awful and then that feeling of dang I kicked it over again, hope this one doesn't leak through the floor to the room underneath. The catheter idea with a bag sounds practical but be prepared for serious cleaning for reuse. Have you ever used pad and pant systems? They are cheaper than diapers (at least last time I checked) the pads can be disposed of like a diaper and the pants thrown in with the rest of your wash.

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    sounds like...

    A) your parents should know about ur health situation as its nessesary to ur wellbein/they can help support you with things such as... a better garbage can for home, more money for products to deal with your situation... emotional support possibly?

    b) if u havent, go see a doctor

    c) colleges have to be flexibe for ppl with handicaps and personal needs, if you find difficulty involving change and disposal contact the college and ask them for advice or access to a place to take care of your stuffs.... generally i think colleges are very discreet and understanding when it comes to helping students with their health concerns.

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    I wear around college a LOT, but haven't really worn to classes... I usually just keep a black trashbag under my bed and put all of my used diapers in there. However, if I mess, I usually double bag it in plastic bags and take it straight out to our dumpster. And since I have bottom bunk in our dorm, I keep my diapers in the box they came in (I order from Amazon because that's pretty discreet, so it just looks like some random package from Amazon) and have them so that I can reach into the side of my bed facing the wall and grab a diaper out of the box.
    Hasn't failed me yet!

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    I would tell your parents. If you actually NEED them i don't think there would be a problem. Maybe they would help with the cost or something.

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    I had a single room in college, but what I did was, every morning, I rolled up my used diaper and sealed in in a gallon sized zip-lock bag, which really helps keeps any smells contained. I then tossed that bag into a black plastic trash bag that I kept hidden under my bed. I threw out the trash bag at the end of the week.

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    For issue 1 if you are only going to need to wear diapers because you have a small bladder capacity and don't want to have to keep getting up, and will be in control of any wetting you do then I would wear a pair of normal pants over the diaper. Wear a pull-up so you can still use the toilet where possible (most classes will let you get up to use the bathroom as necessary and without asking once you get out of education in schools) and if you do have to use the diaper if possible I would dispose of the pull-ups in the bathrooms at college so that you are not having to dispose of it in a shared bedroom or bathroom. Get a bin with a closing lid and line it with a trash bag and as long as you empty it regularly it shouldn't be an issue. Ranger's idea of putting any diapers into a zip-locked bag is a good one as well.

    As for needing to pee in the night, just get up and go. Chances are your roommate won't be awoken by you getting up and entering the bathroom so long as you are quiet - if the room has too many obstacles to be walking around in the dark keep a torch near the bed so you don't need to turn on the light. If all you're doing is peeing then you can probably get away without flushing the toilet in the night, so as not to disturb your room-mate. Your room-mate probably won't even know you've gotten out of bed.

    You can also try to train your bladder to hold more - I found a page for people with over-active bladder syndrome (which I'm not suggesting you have, it's just seems like a useful page) which has tips on things you can avoid to stop you needing to pee as much, and also has tips on how you can try to stretch your bladder: Overactive Bladder Syndrome | Health | Patient UK

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