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Thread: Entomology pull ups

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    Default Entomology pull ups

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    Just thought that I would draw attention to these pull ups. This is not a picture of me and I will take it down the moment someone asks me to. I found these images online (can't remember where) and was absolutly thrilled about the prints. They are Beatles and these have their scientific nomenclature next to them.

    I was really hoping someone would know what brand they are or where I can get some.

    I was also wondering if anyone knew of any other great prints on pull ups or diapers that is less traditional.

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    Those seem interesting.

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    Very interesting. Can't translate the page very well though. Although at the bottom it gives 47-68cm for the largest waist size. That works out to about 18-27" which is about as large as goodnites are meant for.

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    Nice, if you want bugs on your butt. Does anyone make adult size pullups with toddlerlike patterns on them?

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    Probably not. The closest you can get from what I've been told is Tena.

    Quote Originally Posted by michphantom View Post
    Nice, if you want bugs on your butt.
    I could just hear it now: "There's a stag beetle on my crotch! It's got a large horn on it!"
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    Photos have been deleted due to violation of the Rules.

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    Sorry for breaking the rules but I got what I wanted and am happy for that. HappyNappin, you are my new hero. How did you know about these pull ups? Do you know of any other ones of interest?

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    The only ones I can fit into are the Drynites, of which the latest design is bikes.

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    Bugs are creepy...I don't want them on my diapers! But hey, if that's your thing cool!


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