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Thread: Nappy leaking problem! :(

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    Default Nappy leaking problem! :(

    I use Depend for Women small/medium (women because theyre smaller). They are the right waistband, ive checked. But they leak

    Please help!

    Also is it possible to not leak with a hard on? (I leak with or w/o)


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    Aside from the fact that your wearing females diapers, your buying depends and your expecting quality. Your best bet is since you are from England is to get a better brand(european brand?). :P

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    The depends underwear are probably the least absorbent kind of diaper you can buy!!! They are NOT made to take a full wetting, but for people who have light incontinence (like a lite dribble). Even then, the mens is probably the worst design I have ever used, as the padding is way to high in the front, so only the bottom quarter of it actually absorbs. I have tried all the different brands, and depends is one of the worst, and there underwear is the worst I have ever used, even for light incontinence

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    Try getting the depends max Small/Medium or Goodnites next time. Sorry bud

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    you should get tena or drynites next time depends are really bad

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    Unless you live in a large city it can be hard to find good, absorbent nappies in the UK. Most of the nappies and incontinence products you can buy in stores are only designed for light or moderate incontinence. If you want a pull-up style product then Drynites would be a much better purchase than Depends - if you fit into the small/medium Depends I would think you would fit into the 8-15 Drynites as they are pretty stretchy. They are designed for bedwetting, and will be able to hold more before they leak. You might also want to try the Tena pants, although don't buy 'pants Discreet' as they are only designed for moderate leaks. If you can get hold of the Tena Pants Plus or Super (Super being more absorbent than Plus) then they are somewhat better. But most pull-up style nappies will still only take a couple of wettings before they start to leak. If you are able to use the internet to order nappies online then your best bet is to order some of the more premium nappy brands, such as the Tena Slip, Abena X-Plus or Molicaire Super Plus, or if you are on more of a budget then Kendall Lille are good for the price. They are all the more traditional nappy design, with tapes at the side, but they will hold a lot more than any pull-up garment.

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    Yes, I have Depends pull-ups which I like to wear in the daytime rather than a nappy but people are right, they are not exactly super-absorbent are they, this has always been a problem with pull-ups.

    As for leakage, I wore plastic pants for years and that solved any issues but in the summertime, this was extra bulk and of course makes you sweat a lot in the heat so, I haven't worn plastic pants for ages.

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    The only choices I have are Tena Discreet and Depends Which one> Thanks

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    Can you get hold of Drynites or Underjams? They are available in most UK supermarkets and stores like Boots & Superdrug. The largest size hold a lot more than Tena Discreet and Depends.

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