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    Default My name is Leonard

    Hello, my name is Leonard. Speaking of which, props to this forum for its not retarded user names. Most forums have 70000 registered users who take up all the good names and never log on again. I've had to use a series of weird aliases.

    So yeah.

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    Hello Leonard and welcome to the forum - glad you managed to get the username you wanted!

    Anyway, well done for taking the first step and posting an introduction, however, all we really know about you so far is your name. Care to tell us a bit more about yourself? We like to get to know our members here, which of course means finding out a little about them - you will probably find you share interests with some of the other members here

    If you're not quite sure what kinds of things you should write in your introdcution there is a really useful 'cheat sheet' written by one of the VIP members, which you can find here:

    I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hello Leonard, it's nice to have a new DL on Adisc! Yes, many of the users here do pride themselves for making creative profiles.. it's easy to do here, because the forums are set up nicely. But likewise, Adisc's members have (for the most part) intriguing and supportive personalities to match.
    What are you looking for out of Adisc, Leonard? also, what are some of your favorite diapers?

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    Well as i see no such "edit post" button I'll just respond here instead.

    I actually made that really quick but i have more time now so here goes.

    I'm a film student. cool right?

    I like space, Death Note, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stephen Colbert.

    As far as diapers go, thats a 19 year story. And I'm 19. I spent about three years perfecting my recipe for the perfect make shift diaper. After graduation, a great friend of mine in the community abandoned us. He didn't want to have these thoughts and feelings for the rest of his life. I knew where he was coming from and figured if he was willing to give it all up, so should I. My summer was great. whenever I had the slightest bit of curiosity, yes I would go and take a peek. The images barely registered an emotion with me. I was more interested in the banner adds for regular porn.

    However, that did not last. I came to realize what my friend could not; you cannot change who you are. You cannot fight it. Just learn to accept it. diapers were never actually a big sexual thing for me, so they'll never get in the way of a relationship. and I'm sure once I change my newborn's first diaper I'll want them potty trained as soon as possible, so none of that weird "keep them diapered till their 8" crap we all think about every now and then.

    Miles away from my family, I bought my first pack of goodnites. And then my second. My roommate was out of town two weekends during that. It was awesome. Then I thought I'd save three bucks. Picked up "Rite Aid Overnighters for Older children"

    Never again.

    So thats me in a nutshell. an artist with a room full of diapers that look like bloomers and a mind that wanders between various degrees of "I'm going to hell for this"

    but thats who i am and there is no changin' that

    Also I got an epic sci fi diaper story in the works. It's the Code Geass of diaper stories.

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    Hello Leonard! I know what you mean about the usernames. I didn't look to see what they were like and fell back on my typical forum name. If I wasn't mildly established i might change it.

    That's super cool about the film school! What is your dream job after school? Do you have any hobbies or other passions you would like to share?

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    I got some crazy movie ideas. Best kept under wraps. As far has hobbies go, i am in college after all. no time for fun.

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