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Thread: Driving while Sucking

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    Default Driving while Sucking

    Last night I drove about 50 miles (highway and roads) with a pacifier in my mouth. So relaxing that I forgot to turn off my bright lights a couple times for oncoming drivers.

    Do you have a pacifier in your car?

    If yes, how often do you use it while driving?

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    haha i dont even have my Drivers License but if i did id use it all the time

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    I have been keeping one in my glovebox since last year. Because I hate to drive alone, it calms me when I do. Especially after 1am.

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    sksking a binkie while I drive makes me feel little while I drive, makes it seem more fun. while it doesn't sound safe to have a toddler behind the wheel, I manage to be king of the road while still driving safe. and i truly enjoy looking at people with a paci in my mouth, while i'm stuck at stoplights.

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    I've done it. I've got some funny looks form people in traffic, sometimes it's a hoot!

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    I had an ex-boyfriend who did this. It made me so embarrassed (in a cute, fuzzy way).

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    You really shouldn't drive if you suck. You might wanna take some lesso-- oh, that's what you mean.

    Naw, can't say that I do.

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    Yes i do ^^ Have 1 in my glove box and 2 in my center console. I suck on it alot, especially after raves. Well after a rave im normally chewing on it. Gotten so many weird looks from people at stoplights. It makes me smile though. Ive forgotten to take it out when i go to the gas station and pay inside, and im like "newpawt hundweds and fawty five on pump two." They always get a smile and so do i, because i know that im blushing badly because i forgot.

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    I fall asleep when sucking on min, so probably not a good idea for me. I smoke Black and Milds when I drive, instead lol

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    I have many times done this while driving at night. It does calm me down and allows me to enjoy the drive.

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