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Thread: oh boy....this should be interesting.

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    Default oh boy....this should be interesting.

    So the other day I posted a thread about the fact I got to wear a diaper for the first time in two month because my roommates had gone.

    Well they left again so of course it was diaper time. They left at 11:30 and said they would be back at four. I locked the door and got myself in a diaper. Well at 3:10 I heard them on the porch, I threw on some shorts and unlocked the door for them. They asked why the door was locked and I said to keep drunk people from barging in our room. this was a good one to use cause we are on Kibbutz and there is a pub 20 yards from our door.

    So now, i'm in my half wet diaper, typing this thread out, trying to figure out what to do.....

    soo ya, I'll let ya know what happens....

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    You could change in the bathroom, and cover it up with a shower, hiding the diaper in your clothes, then throw it away at a more opportune time...

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    Well the second half of this not so epic saga goes likes this:

    The diaper was a Tens Slip so there was no way I was gonna be able to pull the tabs with out making a very loud sound four times. I did go into the bathroom and change my pants into something I could sleep in as i was in cargo shorts. I have had a cold so I coughed anytime my diaper could have crinkled. (the room is about 12'x12' with a 4'x4' bathroom) I crawled into bed and they never noticed. I slept till the next day. I stayed in bed until my roommates left which was not hard as I had the day off. Got out of my diaper, and into normal underwear and that was that. How, anticlimactic....huh? But in the end that is the perfect end to my horror story. They have absolutely no idea

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    I think you got out of that one very lightly, things could have been very different and you would have a lot of explaining to do.

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