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Thread: New Baby Fur ^^

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    Default New Baby Fur ^^

    Hai! My girlfriend referred me to this site because i told her all of my dirty little secrets, and she decided to find a place for me to meet other people who share my interests ^^. It makes me happy that she is so supportive of me.

    About me!
    *giggle* Im a baby fur, online and in real life (as much as i can be hehe.) Im also a tom-girl. I like writing. I play alot of video games. I am a crazy huge music nerd. I am constantly listening to music.

    I dont know what else to say, im really bad at introductions. If there is anything else you would like to know message me ^^ ill be glad to answer them.

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    Hello SashalFox and Welcome, so very glad to have you.

    It is so nice that you have a girlfriend that is very supportive of you from the sounds of it. And don't worry, you're in good company here at ADISC.

    If you don't mind me asking, what do you like to write? Action, or sci-fi, or anything in general? I myself do a little of everything.
    What typically do you like to listen to as far as music? I'm kind of a metal head myself.

    Please do feel free to have a look around the forum. (A good tip: the rules and the green stickies at the tops of thread pages are full of information.) But if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask because we're decen't folk around here, even us fellow babyfurs.

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    Thank you for the welcome ^^. I write a little of everything. I particularly like writing short stories. And I listen to almost everything, except rap, im not particularly fond of that genre of music.

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    You're most welcome for the welcome

    Yeah rap, there's only one name I can to listen to out of the entire genre... Anyhow, it's always nice to have another writer around.

    Hope you're having fun so far.

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    Isnt it hard to find writers anywhere? And yes i am ^^ Been looking through the forum, making posts here and there.

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    what are your favorite games? and what games are you currently playing?

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    I like to play RPG's ((currently playing Oblivion and FF13)) Im also a huge fan of FPS style games.

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    hey, welcome to the site, do you have any particular consoles that you favour?
    hope you enjoy your time here

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    Hey SashaFox, welcome to the forums, you'll find most of us here are pretty friendly and helpful ^^ , hope you enjoy your stay

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    hi sashafox. i am also a babyfur, and I am happy to tell you that Adisc is a great place for us.
    since you live in pennsylvania, have you ever attended anthrocon before? it is really thrilling to see, furries all over the city.
    I have only been once, when AC was in philadelphia in 2005.

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