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Thread: hi there!!! -from US south coast-

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    Red face hi there!!! -from US south coast-

    hello all, I'm a AB from the florida panhandle (though I move around the south a lot, back and forth from new orleans). I've always appreciated my kid side and my imagination; in the past I've enjoyed playing on the swings and slides at playgrounds, making castles for myself out of tents and boxes, stuff like that. Just a couple years ago, I realized that this was something that set me apart from others, and became interested in this subculture. i find diapers enjoyable when I'm trying to regress, but i get more out of toys games and cartoons. I like coloring books, stickers, building stuff, playing girly dressup I'll let that slip. so i'm more of an AB than a DL, i suppose. I am also a babyfur (lil raccoon), and have been to a few furry conventions in the past. I would like to be friends with anyone who feels they can appreciate the same things I do, especially those in my region.

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    Hi and welcome. What sort of ab things do you have?

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    I have there my yellow raccoons sippy cup, which i have customized with stickers! my lil nuk paci (i would like a bigger AB one, make suggestions on where to find one if you could please), a neat stuffed animal, and big blue bouncy ball that i play with in the hallway.
    i also have a really cool wooden block set, but would like a bigger one, and sommore plastic toys. One in particular that i want is the fischer price great adventures action figure toys. those are really neat.
    just one set of footy pajamas too, with yellow duckies on them.

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    hello welcom to adisc, i see that you are marked down as a bf and that your fursona is a racoon, mines a dog
    what kind of films do you like and what music to you listen too

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    reply to pikachu:
    this is actually a Joe Boxer brand, not jj. this i actually found in a department store, luckily. they had them there on sale for under $30 last winter, very inexpensive. I never have tried the Jumpin Jammerz brand. do you have any, and do you like them?
    I also like underoos a lot. I look for those at stores, but have only found good selections on internet sites like Webundies.

    reply to BoltPuP: it IS good to meet another babyfur! all of my favorite movies are animated. recently, Fantastic Mr. Fox has become one of my new favorite movies. I believe it's one of the best movies for furries ever made, and i love the music in it. Bolt and Astroboy are my two favorite CGI films. I can't say which one of those I like more, but i found Bolt very touching as I have always dogs as pets. As far as cartoons, I have a fondness of action-oriented cartoons and anime like Dragonball Z and Digimon, but I also like to watch lil kids' animated shows like max and ruby, wow-wow wubbzy, and kipper.
    My music tastes are very diverse, I like a lot of progressive rock and 90s music, like Nirvana and Radiohead. I also am a big fan of Morrissey and The Smiths, Modest Mouse, and rock stars george harrison, eric clapton, and david bowie.

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    Yes i like my jammerz, It rely warm and cute and soft to. What is you favorite diaper?

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    do you always get padded under your pajamas? sometimes i want to wear them, but don't always want to go through the trouble of diapering myself.. and it kinda seems to go hand and hand

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    When i wear my pajamas i have diaper under it. What is the trouble whit diaper yourself?

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    sorry, didn't see your question. i have not tried very many disposable diapers, but my favorite are attends 10 and bambinos, although bambinos don't fit very well. i'm not very good at diapering myself alone, though. many times I have just worn Goodnites because i like the cute patterns, and they are inexpensive and fit easily.

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