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Thread: Who makes a cloth-backed diaper with tapes?

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    Default Who makes a cloth-backed diaper with tapes?

    Who makes a good diaper that has velcro and cloth backing? I want to wear out in the world, quietly, and I need to be able to change without removing my pants and shoes. I have used Depend "underwear" and they are quiet, but I want a taped diaper I can change in a public restroom.

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    Have you tried store brand taped briefs (diapers)? Walmart, Giant Eagle, CVS, and I think Kroger all make a cloth backed taped diaper. They are cheap. If they are not absorbent enough you can use a baby diaper as a stuffer.

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    Maybe the better question is: where could I order adult diapers with velcro-type fasteners and cloth backing? Or get a free sample?

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    Try the Tena Fitted Briefs at Northshore. When I had them last, they were cloth backed and had velcro tabs.

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    Attends makes cloth-backed briefs with velcro tapes. They're available at XP Medical and Northshore.

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    I suggest wallgrrens certaintybfitted briefs you can get 40 for $20 they are cloth and velcro and hold 2 huge wettings, or a number of small wetting without leaking. Im currently wearing one right now during my music class. Its had about 5 wettings and uts not gonna leak anytime soon.

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    Thanks for the tip. Bought some, wearing now, haven't wet yet. Will let you know.

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    Abena make those kind of diapers, sold by XP Medical.

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    Short answer is hardly any adult diaper companies only make classic poly-plastic shell disposables with sticky-tapes.

    Most of the adult incontinence products sold in supermarkets and so on will be pull-on undies which are cloth-like. Depend Adjustable Undies used to have tabs allowing you to make them snugger, but they were discontinued. In stores it will be the generic briefs that are cloth-like diapers.

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    Lets see, here are a few of the cloth like velcro briefs I have tried,

    Abena, they make all there regular abri-form briefs with cloth backing
    Molicare Air Active
    Medline Restore Brief (has rash cream built into brief)
    Medline Ultra Soft
    Attends Breathable
    Attends Extended Wear
    Tranquility Slimline Cloth backed
    Tena Ultra Stretch
    Tena Super
    Prevail Per-Fit & Nu-Fit
    Kendall cloth backed (stay away from these!)

    My favorite is the Molicare Air Active, because it has a very trim fit, high leg cut made for active people, leak guards, and extra wide bottom tapes. I also like the Attends breathable, but one downside is that they dont have leak guards. The Abena briefs are just like there regular briefs with cloth backing, so they are pretty good.
    I would stay away from anything store brand, or anything Kendall/Wings/Simplicity

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