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    Maybe my want for diapers comes from my parents potty training me by the age of 6.I always found comfort being in a diaper. Brings back the care free days of being a little kid. Unfortunately, there is no way for me to get diapers online as my parent's (I go to college btw) have very erratic work schedules.

    When my sister was a toddler, sometimes I would take her diapers and wear them underneath my underwear, not taped due to my size. After she outgrew them, I wondered for awhile what to do. Then I saw adult diapers that were sold at our grocery store.

    . I first started with Depends. I hated them. They felt extremely thin and held about half a wetting. Then I bought Goodnites, which barely fit, but felt much better than Depends. Afterwards, I bought a pack of diapers from a medical supply store, Medline, and they were much better than Depends. They were $10 for a pack of ten, so not super high end. Down to my last one now, so I plan to check out the thrift stores in the hope of finding decent diapers. From what I've read in these forums, odds are I might have some luck among 2 thrift stores.

    Finally, I normally procrastinate when it comes to homework, but when I wear a diaper, focusing on my work seems much easier. idk why. I guess I'm weird like that.

    Sorry if my intro seemed kinda rushed. It's 4 in the morning at the time of writing this.

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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting an introduction

    You've now told us all about your interest in diapers, but what about the rest of your personality? Here at ADISC we care far more about the people who wear the diapers than the diapers themselves, and we like to talk about all kinds of things besides diapers as well. So how about you tell us a little more about your life outside of diapers - you mentioned college, what subjects do you do/like? Do you have any interesting hobbies or interests? Maybe a favourite sport, computer game or type of music? There are so many of us here, and we're all interested in diapers, but if you post a good introduction which includes your non-diaper interests you will probably find a few (or even a lot of) people who share some of those interests with you as well

    Look forward to hearing a bit more from you
    - Jess

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    In college, I am studying Video Game Development. My hobbies include playing video games, shooting, and trail bike riding. My video game systems systems include a PS2, Nintendo DS, a PSP, and my PC. I know my way around computers pretty well, mostly from experimenting with my own laptop. Occasionally, when someone has a problem with their PC, I am able to fix it.
    If anyone needs technical advice, about 90% of the time I can provide.

    Apart from the above, I got lots of homework.

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    Hi there and welcome, another from the USA, *grins* there must be hundereds here from over there. You will find lots of people just like yourself here, have a look around (it could take hours) . I used to do trial bike riding, I loved it but used to fall off quite a lot. I still have the Montessa cota (1972) ish. 250cc two stoke. Have fun

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    hi i am from ny. just started to be an ab. love my diapers!i am into sports,chatting, and cartoons. trying to meet new friends here!

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    Welcome Saphiron! it's nice to see a fellow technician in the AB community! I've also wanted a career in videogames! its something fun and knowledgeable! Welcome to ADISC! Please feel free to talk to me about anything!

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    What's video game development like? Sounds interesting. Also if you have technical advice about computers, would you know anything about capturing analog video and how to keep the quality good on a youtube upload?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Bringer View Post
    What's video game development like? Sounds interesting. Also if you have technical advice about computers, would you know anything about capturing analog video and how to keep the quality good on a youtube upload?
    I prefer to use Sony Vegas because I can select the format I want. I usually get good results. The only issue is that it isn't cheap. It's pretty easy to obtain a pirated copy, but I won't put up any links.

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    How are you doins? ^^

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