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Thread: Bedtime Stories -|It's time to share|-

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    Default Bedtime Stories -|It's time to share|-

    I think it's time we discuss something fun for a change. The numerous coming out, help me, etc stories were getting old. So since this subject hasn't been brought up since 2008 I figure now is as good a time as any.

    So what are/were some of your favorite bedtime stories growing up? For us older folk, do you have a new story that took over one from the past? Please share. To further push this post, I will even go first.


    As a kid two books really ring true with me for bedtime stories. I'm sure my mom loved them because they were so short but none the less it's something I grew up with and the fact I still remember these books to this day must mean they meant something to me. The mentioned two books being ...

    Now that I'm grown up (you know what I mean) my taste is a little more demanding. I still wanted something that was clever in puns, innocent, and cute. However I also want something with more of a true artist touch, that extra edge. When I found out one of my favorite graffiti artists, Donald Rause aka "Scribe" was working on a childrens book, I nearly flipped it. The end result is just as amazing as my expectations hoped for it to be.

    This book reminds me of a time when a child's only agenda for the day was to explore anything and everything. A world of imagination that no adult can even begin to comprehend. And wouldn't you know it, there's even a helpful lesson at the end. I miss those days, this book returns them.

    And there's still thirty more pages to go. <3

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    wow that looks like a cool book, when i was growing up i love thomas the tank engine books
    and i had the gurffalo which i loved ( and still do) ;p

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    Those were my Two Favourites i think... I Still Reckon They're cool :P

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    I was never much of a fan of books when I was young. I love them now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by statik View Post
    I think it's time we discuss something fun for a change.
    So what are/were some of your favorite bedtime stories growing up?
    sorta lol-ing, for why, you will see:
    my bedtime stories were told by my dad, about his youthful 'adventures'. sounds good, so far, doesn't it? except that my dad was a criminal in his youthful days , and his stories were mainly a way of deterring me from wrongdoing, by virtue of the consequences. did a pretty good job, all things considered.

    i remember The Hungry Caterpillar being one of my favourite books, as a young child (and one i still feel tempted to buy or read whenever there's an opportunity).
    of late, but some time ago, my bedtime read was the collected works of Roald Dahl. a bit of a chunky tome for being snuggled up in bed with, but i loved re-reading all the stories we had read at school.

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    I don't remember actually being told any bedtime stories in my youth. I remember reading the Hungry Caterpillar, but that was during school.

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    The Very Hungry Caterpillar was and is my all time favourite childrens book! I got a 40th anniversary caterpillar toy for my birthday this year, AND my cake was hungry caterpillar!

    I also had an awesome pop-up book called 'Worms Wiggle':

    Recently I've been reading (well, having read to me) the Rainbow Magic fairy series! There are hundreds of them, all about fairies This is the one we're on at the moment, Summer the Holiday Fairy:

    It's a really big one though. Most of the books are a lot shorter, and 7 of them make up a 'set'.

    I was always a massive fan of Enid Blyton, next time I go home I'll look all myold Magic Faraway Tree books, oh and the one about the flying chair out so Charlie can read them to me
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    All great books that I remember well enough to be able to recite parts of them.

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    When I was younger I would usually read something after i went to bed.

    The encyclopedia of awesome machines

    I have read this cover to cover a few hundred times.
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    I have to side with ade here, I loved the hungry hungry catipiller, but most of the stories I remeber are from when I was a little older and learnt to read. I had real trouble at school with reading up untill I was about 9 or 10, then something clicked . I remeber devouring Roald Dahl, I loved his books with a passion. The ones that really stuck out was his two autobiographies, Boy and Going solo, I especially loved the second one.

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