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    Hey all,

    Can people give their opinions on Forever A Kid Adult Baby Clothing - Home Page ?

    I've seen a lot of posts with 'I've heard from so-and-so they are good' (or she, since I think the company is basically run by one woman), but not too many actual reviews.

    I'm really interested in finally buying some clothes, so I'm trying to scour which places are worth the money. Onesies seem to be well priced, for custom-made ones, at $42. Sleepers seem a bit expensive, but I'm not exactly finding better options, aside from crossing your fingers on eBay.

    Anyone have experience with them/her?


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    I'm not sure about FAK, however Privatina's clothes are generally very good. I will admit that their customer service slipped a bit on my latest order from them, but I think this is probably an exception.
    Not sure how they compare on price, the exchange rates may not be in your favour there!

    Hope this helps,

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    I'm aware of their site, but I haven't bought anthing from them.
    I hear there pretty good.

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    Marcie is fabulous. The prices are reasonable. The quality beats anything else I've ever seen. She's very accomodating about custom orders and details. But remember, anything you get in the mail is a bit of a gamble in terms of style and sizing. You've got to be communicative, clear about size information and willing to give it a second shot if something isn't perfect the first time. That said, Foreverakid is the best.

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    The link was broken on FAK, so I could not see it. I just rely on mainstream offline shopping, I've found boyish designs on pyjamas and underwear in adult sizes, interesting to know of these other sources though.

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    I have had a lot of success with using to buy onsies. just search for adult onsies and there is about 3 pages of them.

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    Yeah, if you have your own Amazon account you can order a lot of stuff through them. Diapers, onesies, pacifiers, etc. and even hide the purchase in your account when you're finished.

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