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Thread: Bambino Offering Secure X-Plus & Molicare Super Plus Now

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    Default Bambino Offering Secure X-Plus & Molicare Super Plus Now

    I was checking the Bambino site today and noticed that they now are selling the Secure X-Plus and will be offering the Molicare Super Plus soon. It seems to me that they may become a single source for all super absorbent diapers. Yay!

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    I'm actually surprised it took them this long to put Secure Xplus with Bambinos as they are the same company and both are shipped from the same warehouse.

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    I have heard that people that have ordered Secure Xplus ans got Bambinos Bianca.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Bringer View Post
    What's the difference between the secure X plus and bianco?
    The definite differences are wetness indicators and a taping panel with a design rather than clear. In my experience, the Biancos leak a little gel internally. Nothing gets out of the diaper, it's not a typical leaking problem it just makes clean up if you're not showering require a bit more effort. Maybe they have more gel in them or slightly larger holes in the netting? Maybe it's just my bad luck with them. Not a major concern but that's what I'd count as the differences.

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    Now that's kinda cool. Can get all your diaper shopping done in one stop. "Your one stop, diaper shop"

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    would be nice if they also carried 24/7's. I prefer bambino for overnight and 247 during the day. Those are certainly in the "high capacity crowd".

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