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    Ok, so some background info. This summer, I'll have my first steady income flow ever as I have a job, and I'll have a hell of a lot more freedom. So, this opens me up to getting the first honest-to-goodness diapers of my *BDL existence. So, you can see my location right under my name, and I only have the option of what's available at Shop'n'Save, Giant Eagle, Rite Aid, and CVS. So, what diapers should I buy? How are Rite Aid's and CVS in house brands in comparison to depends (which I've heard suck)? I'll try and peruse the selection more, but I think CVS might have started carrying Tena. I remember awhile back seeing something carried Abris in my area, which I'm going to have to try and dig up in my internet history. Anyway, advice, reccomendations are welcome.

    Also, I need help in figuring out where the hell to keep any hypothetical stash, as my door has no lock and my mom has little concern for my personal privacy and digs through my closets at random looking for stuff (Which is odd, considering I don't do drugs, have good grades, and she has zero reason to suspect that I'm *BDL.

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    I personally. Can heavily recommend Tenas.If you can find out exactly which Tenas we're talking about, I can give personal opinions on each design/type.

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    The European Tenas are tons different than American Tenas.

    American Tenas suck big time.

    I would say stick with Depends or a store brand like CVS or something. You might get lucky and be able to find some Attends or something if you can find a local medical supply store... they're far better than anything else that is commonly obtainable.

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    Abena, Secure X-Plus, or Bambino... These are the best.

    Molicares are good, Attends are "okay" (depending on who you ask) and depends are the worst of the worst.

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    I use CVS brand...They are pretty good compared to some things...Plus they are nice and cheap...

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    I see your in Pa also, look for an everday diaper, that has a plastic cover, that are cheap enough so you don't spend all your money, on diapers, just go to walmart and get some assurance diapers.

    I have been wearing them as my everday diaper for about 5 or 6 months, there just as good as any chepo diaper out there and you don't have to worry if someone finds them because you only out about 9 bucks for 18 in a pack.

    Then get a pack of tena or assurance inserts and you will be good for a while, if your afraid to buy them by yourself and you live in the northeast look me up.

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    Go with the CVS diapers. They are OK and cheap, better than Depends.

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