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Thread: Can AB/DL Companies make better replicas?

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    Default Can AB/DL Companies make better replicas?

    I have been on a slow campaign for Bambinos or ABUniverse to create a way more precise replica of modern baby diapers. I know it's infringement to make an [I]exact[I] replica, I just don't know why that can't come as close as possible to make us happy/make them money. I mean how hard can it really be? Just go look at the diapers on the shelf at the store, go back to the warehouse and just make a bigger one with minor adjustments to avoid the legal entanglements. Who here would pay more for a size 10 Pampers Baby Dry? Luvs? Come on already!

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    Designing a new product costs a lot of money, thats probably why they tend to stick to the more common design of adult diapers. Just my theory.

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    1) Copyright issues. P&G, et al, own the designs of those diapers, and I seriously doubt they'd be willing to license them to make larger versions to suit our sexual fetish. They don't want or need the publicity. Simply changing them slightly is still infringing on the owners copyright.
    2) Marketing. These companies are businesses. Believe me, they've looked into it. They probably don't think they can make enough money selling them. I'd tend to agree, I wouldn't buy them.
    3) Design/retooling costs. Like android said, you can't just flip a few switches and make new diapers. It costs money to design them, then to retool the machines to make the new diapers.

    Give it up, it's just not worth it. TBHG, et al won't do it. People like you have been pestering them for years about. You aren't the first, or even the 1000th person to bring this up.

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    Unfortunately regular adualt diapers are getting closer to baby diapers all the time. Thinner, clothlike with hook and loop fasteners.

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    Its is probably not worth it for the companies who are making the diaper making machines, to make one designed to make a adult replica baby diaper. They are making these diaper machines and parts for the manufacturers. They might make the same machines for ten different manufacturers, so there is a supply to these machines. They might get maybe one or two small operations that MIGHT want a machine to make replica baby diapers, so cost wise, it wouldnt make a bit of sense for them to agree to make it.
    I think that is why the ab/dl designed diapers you can buy, were made with basic adult diaper machines, but with there own prints. Basicly the same machine can print whatever you want on the diaper, so the same machine the can print the abena x-plus could put a ab/dl pattern on one.
    I think you will find the companies like ABuniverse or Bambino, are simply getting manufactures to make special runs of there regular diapers with a special print. If I had to guess, I would say that of all the people who use diapers, probably less then 1% want a ab/dl design. I think it is safe to say that the majority of incontinent people dont want a baby print diaper (or to wear diapers in the first place)

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    Konaman 112, just read all the topics along the lines of "I Hate Cloth-Like Diapers" This apparently is a common opinion within the AB/DL community.

    Several years ago my husband Don and I hired a consultant because I had what I felt were great ideas to improve baby disposables and also making them in sizes up to 80 pounds. That consultant sells diaper machines and also makes deals between diaper factories and firms wanting to sell diapers.

    The high speed machines used by P&G and KCWW for most baby disposables can only make up to Size 6. P&G had to design a new machine to make the Size 7 Cruisers. It is believed those machines, which run slower than the normal baby diaper machines, could actually make far bigger diapers. It is also believed no other factories are using that P&G style machine because sales of Size 7 are so poor. Outside the USA many brands of baby diapers are available to fit 80 pound toddlers or kids. It is assumed those are made on machines also used for adult diapers which typically run at half the speed of the modern baby diaper machines.

    The disposable diaper industry prefers to make cloth-like with hook and loop tabs, because they have long shelf-life. In adult sizes classic poly-plastic disposables with sticky tapes are often the first choice of professional care givers. A pro has changed a million adult diapers so knows where to set the tapes first try. Even when incontinent people by disposables by the case, they are used long before shelf-life is an issue. But incontinent adults who do not have a care giver prefer cloth-like. What this means is every year fewer and fewer adult diaper factories stock sticky tapes and poly-plastic. This limits the choices of factories for Bambino and ABU.

    While the specific characters used on mainstream baby disposables are protected by copyright, the real problem making decorated adult diapers is those machines do not have printing heads, which are used on baby diaper machines. The workers in adult diaper factories have no experience running printing heads. Baby disposable factories do not have machines large enough to make adult diapers. Our consultant did not know of any factory with both baby and adult diaper machines.

    Most of the components used in Pampers and Huggies disposables were invented by those companies and are not available to generic manufacturers. Still, most cloth-like is similar to all other cloth-like.

    As the current TB grow older and become a larger percentage of consumers of decorated adult diapers we can expect to see cloth-like disposables being sold with decorations. It is only a matter of time before a few adult diaper machines are retro-fitted with printing heads.

    Looking at the history of AB/DL, Attends were sold all over the USA by 1981, at which point the AB/DL community only wanted cloth diapers. It was 2007 before Bambino sold small quantities. Cloth-like adult diapers were not available at competitive prices until 2008, yet the baby disposable industry switched to cloth-like by 2000 and GoodNites were introduced in late 1996. Based on history I think within another 10 years there will be decorated adult cloth-like diapers. So far adult diapers with single wide tapes have hardly been universally accepted. Still, over the next 10 years there will be improvement in hook and loop tabs for baby and adult diapers. I think by the time a firm is willing to make adult decorated cloth-like diapers, there will be H&L tabs effective enough only one per side might be accepted.

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    You also have to consider, your body's proportions are different than an infant. You can't just scale things up and have it work the same for you. The Cushies are a good example of this I think - they are probably one of the best 1:1 replicas available, but with only one large tape for example, they're gonna be a worse fit for you. So be careful of what you ask for, you may just get it.

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    To clarify...GoodNites came out in the spring of 1994....

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    I tried the Cushies. They were hard to get positioned the way I wanted, especially since they have sticky tapes instead of Velcro.. But once I got the first one on I loved the way it looked. I just went around for the rest of the morning in a t-shirt and the diaper, like a toddler would. I did not have time to wet multiple times or wear it under clothes so I don't know if it leaks, but it was great fun to wear. I wish they would make a version with a cloth backing and Velcro tapes like the baby diaper it copies.

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