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    Default AB Meetings...

    Well, this particular section of the forum seems to be devoid of topics (possibly due to the lack of adults XD)

    Anyway, so again, I'd like to get your views on something. I have been the host of a couple of AB meetings in the past, and have actually found it very difficult to get people to actually attend.

    So I guess the topic now open for discussion is: Would you go to an AB meeting, and what would participate in if there? Say, for instance, would you attend a meeting where diapers and baby clothes were worn openly, or would that be "too much" for you? Would you go for 1 day, or attend a 'convention-like' event?

    Talk amongst selves!

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    I honestly wouldn't mind going to a AB meeting (never attended one before). But the only problem is finding a way to get to a meeting, even though I'm 18 i don't have a car to drive (but have licence). I also wouldn't mind wearing diapers to a meeting but baby clothes I don't have.

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    i would love to have a go at another one. my last one kinda blew up in my hands due to being winter in january (huh, who would have though...). personally, i like getting people together in a non *b/dl setting, but wouldn't mind if someone wore. i might wear a diaper to the next one and if someone else did i'd think it would be cute, but as far as being baby/diaper attire only might turn off meet up newbies.

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    i've been to an AB meeting. i actually travelled quite some distance to reach it, but nowadays i have a job and a stable living situation, so i probably wouldn't be able to attend any meetings unless they were held in washington or oregon, however much i might like to.

    the scenario that appeals to me most is a meeting of people that i've already gotten to know quite well online, with a minimum of diaper- and baby-related activities, especially at the first meeting. i'd personally have a bit of trouble taking someone seriously if they showed up to a first meeting in frilly rhumba-pants and a bonnet. maybe it's just me. >_>;

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    I wouldn't mind going to one...It would have to be near me though...I wouldn't mind wearing a diaper, anything else, I would have to see as it goes

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    I wouldn't mind wearing a diaper, as for baby clothes, I can dress childish at will anytime anyways lol... but I wouldn't go over the top.

    Psst... This forum is Void of topics because it is less than a week old, lol!

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    Heh. I find it amusing that so far, most of you wouldn't mind wearing diapers to an event, but baby clothes seem to be going a bit to far.

    Even when I hosted events, I never wore diapers or babyish clothing to them.

    (also: Damn you for being a girl mandi!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orms Einbani View Post
    Heh. I find it amusing that so far, most of you wouldn't mind wearing diapers to an event, but baby clothes seem to be going a bit to far.

    Even when I hosted events, I never wore diapers or babyish clothing to them.

    (also: Damn you for being a girl mandi!)

    Well diapers can be hidden...Baby clothes, not as much

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    I've been to a fair amount of AB parties - about 3-4 private parties, and 7 semi-public parties (I'll explain later).

    The private parties was a select group of friends, about 15 people in total maximum. They lasted an evening. The semi-public parties were 3-day weekends and organized by a website like ADISC for all of the members. Obviously, there was some screening of the people involved, but essentially, those who signed up in time could come along. Attendance was somewhere between 9 and 50 (!) people, and obviously, those parties couldn't have been held in a private home. We had to rent out a house for groups, preferably in a secluded location.

    However, most of the parties don't start with people showing at the door in their baby clothes. Sure, some come in diapers, but things develop from there. At the one-evening-parties, people either lost their pants and just went around in diapers, or put on some babyish clothing over the course of the evening (usually after a diaper change).
    The 3-day events usually included outings to local attractions (theme parks, water parks, castles etc.), so most of the time, people wore their normal street clothes (often with diapers underneath). However, in the late evenings, people got out their AB stuff, and during the last AB party in October 2007, we had 15 people in footed sleepers sitting around in the living room of the house, 14 of them wearing a blue sleeper (only one red sleeper). Was quite a sight to see!

    That said, I would love to host my own AB party, but I don't have the facilities (the other people in my house are close to 80 years old and very noise-sensitive and nosey) nor do I know any people close by enough to invite over for a weekend (virtually all local ABs/DLs I've met were rather creepy).


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    Default Meeting people

    Hi All

    I would like to go to a party where everyone was into nappy's, so long it was above board. Perhaps a small group going to the movies, or something like that even. Maybe the first time it may just be a meet and greet thing and the next time around maybe everyone could wear nappy's under their clothes. But I think people would feel embarrassed the first time so hence the meet and greet.

    About baby clothes mmm well again not the first time I think it is something one does with people they know.

    I would love to go to a party or event in nappy's hehehe but I know only a couple of people who love nappy's and that is only online, so I guess I wont get the chance.

    Anyway fellow nappy dudes and dudetts bye for now and have fun at those nappy partys

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