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    Well curiostiy cought me today and I tried a bottle for the first time ( well since I was little enough to need one ) and well it was diffrent. I consider myself more of a DL then an AB so I don't really do to much of the ladder but I tried it today and idk not sure if its something I liked or didnt. It just didn't seem to be all that apealing but yet I'm still curius about it. Anyone have anything that could try to quel this curiosity of mine?

    Well for more detail about my experiment here it is

    I had a bit of me time earlier and I decided to go buy a bottle instead of useing one of my daughters ( I thought it would be a little weird useing hers ) so I went to the closest pharmacy bought a random blue bottle being they didn't have any other colors in the one I fancied so I bought it took it home got changed into a ABU cushie and a white tank
    filled the bottle bout 3/4ths full with my favorit beverage "green tea mango" ( yummy ) turned on the tv decided to put in a movie layed down on the couch, after idk 10 or 15 minutes decided id try the bottle layed there on the couch and hmm proper wording for it would be umm... nursing the bottle I guess in a way. Well anyhow I finished the bottle and just wasn't all the pleased with it but at the same time I kinda want to try it again maybe with milk or something but idk if the contents inside matter. ( just not sure )

    I'm thinking maybe a sippy cup might make it better or maybe its just a check on the list of things I don't like.

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    Anyone else have any storys of trying a bottle for the first time or just on useing one? Id love to hear them as I'm sure a lot of others would to

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    I bought a 3 pack of gerber bottles on an outing with an AB friend a few months back. It took us a while to get them to be usable but after trying to expand the holes we eventually settled on cutting between two of the three to make a slot. It still took quite a bit of practice to be able to drink from them.

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    Well I bought a stage 2 which means its fast flow and to be honest it was well u didn't need to suck on it or anything so I switched it with one of the slow flow nipples that I bought as extras when my daughter was a bit younger and it was better but still not quite what I was hopeing for

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    I love bottles! As much as I love my sippy cups, bottles are just so baby, less toddler. But I always mod my bottles. I make the tiny hole a slightly larger slit or x shape with tiny scissors. This lets slightly more liquid through so you are still sucking, but not killing your jaw.

    Also, using any old bottle was not fun for me. The first one I ever had was pretty plain from the dollar store. I enjoyed drinking out of a bottle WAY more when I went to Target, paid a little more, and got one I REALLY wanted, with characters on it (I think they were dinosaurs lol) It was still only $4 as most.

    So I would try getting an uber cute one that fits your personality and modding it to make drinking easier. ^__^

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