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    Are there other guys out there who prefer all sex play while diapered? I'm talking totally taped up in your diaper, all stimulation from the diaper rubbing against your cock, whether you are doing it solo -- either rubbing the outside by hand or humping a pillow, the bed, a stuffed animal -- or with a partner who rubs you through your diaper or humps you in it, until you ejaculate inside your diaper. I really love diapered orgasms! If you are like this, tell us:
    - are you str8/bi/gay?
    - do you prefer dry, wet, messy or wet & messy diapers
    - better just by yourself or with another person
    - if with someone, does that person wear too?
    - how often do you orgasm in your diaper?


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    I think you're in the wrong forum... this is more social and support, less sexual.

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    Afraid this isn't going to fly as you have set up this topic. You can give it another shot if you wish but it needs to be less graphic and less letter to Penthouse. Asking if others enjoy getting off while using diapers is a natural enough but the gorey details are out.

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