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Thread: Are These good diapers

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    No, they look like shit. (Pardon the language) If you are going to buy online, buy some bambinos, abenas or at least some tenas, not some cheap and nasty no-name brand...

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    i can not vouch for the quality of those diapers however for about the same price you can just buy a case of the abenas xpluses which has a good absorbency. bambino is also a good brand as far as i have seen but will run a bit more expensive.

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    I like Wellness diapers. They are thinner than other super premium diapers, but still very absorbent since they are mostly SAP. But those are over priced. Last time I bought them on e-bay I got a case for around $30.

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    Personally, I wouldn't trust them, given that you can buy something of almost guaranteed better quality for a bit less then that, if I'm not mistaken.

    Honestly, iirc, abenas x-plus are rivaled by bambinos, and that's about it. I can't actually compare any of the brands in question, but, from what I hear... I'd go with the abenas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuples View Post
    No, they look like shit. (Pardon the language) If you are going to buy online, buy some bambinos, abenas or at least some tenas, not some cheap and nasty no-name brand...
    They are actually not generic, no-name, or cheap. They are a premium diaper just like Abena or Molicare, just another brand

    And it is actually a good deal for a full case of 60 for $70, seeing as they sell at other places for $90 per case, or $30 per bag of 20.
    The Abena x-plus sells for $60 for a case of 42

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    Definitely not. I've already looked them up quite a bit, everyone seems to be saying that they just look thick and comfy and are actually thin pieces of garbage. Get some ABUniverse Cushies or Bambinos Teddys. They rock.

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    This is quite possibly the most absorbent adult diaper on the market. The capacity on these diapers is rated at a whopping 64 oz!

    Someone obviously didn't do any market research, eh? A liter is 67oz, and many of the high end diapers are rated between 1 and 2 L.

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    They're tons of diaper companies dealing different levels of capacity. If you go for cheaper diapers, well you're gonna get a cheap diaper. High end diapers usually have a betterproduct overall. Not with just absorbancy but ones that include leak guards as well as waistbands. If I were you I would stick to the more expensive diapers. They are more comfortable and don't fall apart when you wear it for longer than a couple of hours. The diaper reviews in the articles section have great user reviews. Check em out!

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    then there are the other 85 different brands and styles of premium diapers. It always seems that people think the only super absorbent premium diapers are the Abena x-plus, Molicare Super plus, or bambino, and everything else is generic garbage. The reality is there are so many brands, and also that Abena and Molicare make a dozen other styles of diapers

    Just saying, there is two posts from people who have used them and liked them, then there are 6 replies here from people who never tried them saying they are garbage and should be avoided because they are not a bambino, abena (x-plus), etc

    Somewere in there is personal preference and personal fit, if that counts for anything

    Obvious that buying a pack for $30 to try them out, or find a place were you can order a sample, that might be a better option then buying a whole case (if your still considering them)

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