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Thread: Wowzers. I saw someone wearing out and about...

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    Default Wowzers. I saw someone wearing out and about...

    I was at the doctors, and there was a woman in her mid thirties (or thereabouts), with what was clearly a diaper of some sort, I think a pull-up, on underneath her clothes. It's probably cos she was inco because she looked healthy in every other way, but it just felt really strange, seeing someone like that!

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    I remember the first time I saw somebody in a diaper out in public. (Y'know, besides my bitches.) It was really sort of awkward and I didn't want to stare at my great-grandmother's ass, but I was so intrigued.

    Then I volunteered at a hospital and I came to learn that diapers sticking out of the tops of old people's britches are a daily occurrence.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well... it's obvious that we're going to be seeing people wearing diapers outdoors from time to time. After all, not everyone in diapers is under age 2 and over age 80.

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    i saw someone Sunday wearing. i was at a local Italian restaurant gettin a sammich, and this girl walked by with a pretty noticeable crinkle, and i looked, and sure enough it was sticking out of the top of her pants... i chuckled. she was maybe early 20's, which was odd, maybe incon, but idk, wearing a short shirt/skirt you'd think she would be embarrassed if she was incon...

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    I saw someone with a bag of adult diapers on a bus in DC. It was pretty weird.

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    I was buying a pack of diapers at the local walmart, and while I was approaching the diaper aisle, a guy goes and grabs a pack of depends and puts it in his shopping cart, which was quite encouraging, and set my fears aside. I think I bought a pack of 40 Pampers Size 6's, I'm not sure, but it was interesting.

    Other than that I can't say really pay attention to these sorts of things, unless it's really obvious.

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    Due to me being in the middle of nowhere, I lack the social norms of shopping mall visits, and being NEAR LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE


    seriously, though, I'm not really in public at all... without a driver's license, and all.

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