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Thread: darkpaws series?

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    Default darkpaws series?

    I recently ran into a series that's signed at the bottom "Darkpaws and Kelvin the Lion", dated 07 through 10. It's 20 pages. It's a furry/AB themed set. Liked it but took me awhile of digging around to find the full set at full res. I was wondering if that was the only set Darkpaws did like that? I see he's got a spot up on deviant art but other than a nice deck of ABDL cards (he's looking for sponsors for the last few in the deck) I didn't see any series like that.

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but I love Kelvin the Lion's Babyfur Poker deck, and I am thinking about getting one when they are out!

    Also, this might be more suitable for the babyfur/littlefur board.

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