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Thread: Weird feel in mouth after paci?

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    Default Weird feel in mouth after paci?

    Specifically a Nuk5. I don't know if it applies to others as I only have the one.

    But anyway, every time I suck on my paci for any length of time (about 15 minutes or more), when I finally take it out and bite my teeth back together, I get this really strange feel in my mouth. A sort of tenderness but not necessarily painful either. Almost as if my entire jaw is being realigned or something.

    Anyone else know the feeling or what causes it?

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    you ever roller skated for a while then taken off your skates but still you get the sensation you are still roller skating....i think its the same have something in your mouth for 15 mins you take it out and get a strange sensation almost as if you still have something thick and shaped like a large teet in your mouth....that being said nuk 5's are actual orthodonic pices meant for people with sensory nerve or muscle issues affecting the tongue or inside of mouth......constant using of a pacifier especially one of the nuk5 variety will reposition your teeth....not sure how it would affect people with out the issues the pacifier is meant to correct....

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    I get what you're saying about it being an orthodontic trainer, but the feeling is nothing like continuing to suck a pacifier after it's already removed.

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    Don't worry, this is completely normal. Sucking on a pacifier puts pressure on areas of your mouth and causes you to hold your teeth, jaw and tongue in positions that you wouldn't normally. When you take the pacifier out of your mouth it is normal for your teeth or the roof of your mouth to hurt a little, or for it to feel a little strange when you bite your teeth together - I get the same strange feelings.

    As you start to use your pacifier more frequently you will be able to use it for longer periods of time without it hurting or otherwise effecting your mouth. Overuse of a pacifier may re-align your teeth and how they sit in a jaw somewhat, as the constant pressure on the teeth may push them into new positions, although occasional use shouldn't cause any noticeable effects. If the feeling is bothering you in the meantime I would try to use it for shorter periods until your mouth gets used to it.

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    I sleep with mine - actually feel better when I wake up, than if I had slept without it.

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    Ok. I don't really mind the feeling. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to cause any long term damage to my mouth or teeth. I like to suck on it in the early morning for a few hours before crawling out of bed on occasion. It's only once in a while and I've only just recently gotten to the point where I can sleep comfortably with it and not fall out of my mouth in my sleep.

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