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Thread: not such an enjoyable experience

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    Default not such an enjoyable experience

    I have a class on Monday night 5:30-8 PM. Today I decided to go to class diapered. I got on campus a little after 4:30, I usually walk around campus till class. All was fine until I started walking away from my car and the urge to go #2 hit me. It went away and I was hoping it'd stay away, but no, about 5 it came back. My choices were 1) skip class and go back to home or 2) take the diaper off and use the public restroom. There were no private, unisex type bathrooms to my knowledge. In class we had a guest speaker and a review for the midterm, so skipping class was almost out of the question. I went with option 2. I was hot and sweaty from walking so it was especially hard to slide the diaper down. Trying to keep it from making sound made it even harder. I didn't want to mess with the tapes because the sounds of the tapes always seem comparable to the engine of a Blackhawk helicopter. I did end up having to undo the tapes on one side when pulling the diaper back up. When I left the stall there was a guy in there, but no idea if he caught on, but I doubt it. In the end, while it wasn't so bad, I have NO desire to repeat it. Any similar stories? Oh, I was wearing a Provider's Choice Active diaper btw. For those who are unfamiliar, they are plastic with Velcro tapes and landing zone.

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    I haven't actually done it, but I have been tempted to wear to college. The one time I did wear out in public, and regret doing it, was actually during one of my work days. At the time I was wearing a silly depends pull-up, of all things... I was so distracted and kept worrying that some one would notice that I wasn't able to do my job very well. And then during my lunch break I ended up going to a store and buying some "better" depend diapers. Big mistake there, I had no place to actually hide the diapers since I still had a few hours left to go. Anyway, long story short.... I regretted doing that.

    It sounds like that would be a little nerve racking though. But the guy probably doesn't even care anymore, and even if he did suspect anything would it really matter? I'm sure there are at least a few people at your college who have to wear, so it's not like you'd be the only one.

    I do understand how that would be embarrassing though.

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    Most people's bodies are on a schedule for #2. morning, afternoon, evening, whatever, but usually once a day. you should plan around that or adjust it if necessary to avoid that problem.

    (you did have a 3rd option, you just weren't considering it )

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Most people's bodies are on a schedule for #2. morning, afternoon, evening, whatever, but usually once a day. you should plan around that or adjust it if necessary to avoid that problem.

    (you did have a 3rd option, you just weren't considering it )
    Agreed xD But I think the 3rd option was out of the question for him :P i know it would be for me haha.

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    Part of the fun of wearing diapers outside to normal activities is the small amount of perceived risk associated with it. Risk of being caught, risk of someone saying something to us about it, the risk that you may end up having to use the diaper when you weren't planning to. But all of this just adds to the excitement in a sense. For an incontinent person this is routine. For the rest of us its taboo and dangerous and a helluva lot of fun at the same time

    Hope this doesn't discourage you from going out again with a diaper. Maybe next time throw an extra diaper and some wipes in your backpack for the potential third option (although I wouldn't have the guts for this personally haha).

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    As the saying goes, "when you gotta go you gotta go" sometimes you can run out of time and options.

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    I had thought about the 3rd option, but no, it was not an option :P I'm not really into messing to begin with. Also, no, I doubt this will hinder me wearing out and about again. It took me many years to get the courage to wear outside the house, I'm not about to toss that away over one incident.

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    the more u wear out while doin normal things , the more u will get used to it, i wore all the time when i was at college and tried to make sure that nobody was around in the bathrooms but sometimes its unavoidable. with 3 hour long classes like that i knew how it as to need to pee, and being diapered made it much easier sitting thru a long class. eventually the paranoia will go away.

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    I always think at least someone saw me or suspects that I have a diaper on. I actually jumped in a pool with one on just to keep from looking suspicious. I was wearing super baggy shorts and my friends were wondering why I wasn't getting in. Haha it swelled and sagged so much it almost about dropped off me!!! XD

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