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Thread: Avatar?

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    Question Avatar?

    Well, I was trying to set my avatar and stuff up but it wouldn't let me. It let me use a profile picture which I set up but when I went to go to set my avatar up the button where it says "Do not use an avatar" is checked. and I can't uncheck it. So... Is it because I'm a nooby right now or is it just because something is wrong?

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    I can't give a solution, but it's not just you that's unable set an avatar. Every other member that doesn't have moderator status assuming that's how Kraiden was able to, can't either.

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    No one will no it's me without my TK avi's Y_Y

    Ah well, I think it's just the newbie status. *is on the way back to my big green letters and Have Hope sign under my big green letters*

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    I think we'll just need to wait for moo to finish work on here. I don't think usergroups have been set up yet, along with the permissions. So as far as I know, avatar uploading is currently disabled for members.

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    Not to mention avatar and profile picture sizing needs to be modified.

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    I didn't want to be pointy-out every small thing though >_> But ya that too

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    Moo'll get to it all when he can. We just need to be patient and not rush him. :P

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    ^ *takes a slice of the Orange and eats it* Do not be like Peachy for I will consume you too!!!

    *Peachy yells from my stomach*

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