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Thread: AB onesies in the US?

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    Default AB onesies in the US?

    Can anyone inform me on where to buy adult-sized onesies in the U.S.?

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    In addition to all the many AB/DL clothing firms, there are even more listed as selling "adaptive" clothing for those with physical limitations.

    Because Gerber is super protective of their trademark "Onesies" frequently on those websites these will be called "body suits"

    My Mom makes the Onesies I personally wear, based on designs from my younger sister Missy.

    Friends I know and trust in person are happy with the body suits they have bought from Kins Ltd of Canada and Adult Cloth Diaper Company.

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    Cool, thank you very much. I have visited a number of sites with such things for sale but many of them were foreign with higher shipping prices/exchange rates. I wasn't sure if there was a U.S. based company that supplied them.

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    Oddly I just wrote a thread about where I bought my most recent onesie.
    Auntie V's very special adult baby clothes
    They're custom made and everything. Or, if you don't want to spend that much on one, look up adult diapering shirts on Amazon. Not as good of quality, but still pretty good.

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    Also, I just visited and am about to order a diaper t-shirt from the Adult Cloth Diaper Company, would you happen to know if their shipping is discrete?
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    Quote Originally Posted by konaman112 View Post
    Also, I just visited and am about to order a diaper t-shirt from the Adult Cloth Diaper Company, would you happen to know if their shipping is discrete?
    I believe I ordered something from them. As far as I remember, it was discrete. I was also expecting it, so I was able to get the package before anybody else checked the main.

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    I've use Adult Cloth Diaper Company many times and they are very discreet. I bought a fantastic onsie and matching snap pants from Big Baby Boutique. She auctions her things off Ebay, so you have to bid. My wife did the bidding as she is very good at it. The prices vary depending whether they are a set, or just a single onsie. They are a bit expensive, but very babyish.

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    the ones i like the best are made by

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    I have several from Babykins as well, and like them, just wish that they had larger sizes; as I am a BIG baby

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    I agree Jasonkid and diapernh Babykins have some really good onesies. My one and only small problem with them is if you get one with a print, you cant pick what print you want.

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