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Thread: How should I tell them? (Kinda not what you think!)

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    Question How should I tell them? (Kinda not what you think!)

    So... I posted here some months ago that I found out I'm manic. I've got this mania called "trichotillomania" that makes me urge to pull out my hair and eat it. Yeah, you got it right, you don't need glasses.. This includes biting off my arm+leg hair and pulling out head-hair, armpit hair and even friggin' pubic hair.
    "lol why tell parents they dont hav to know they will just worry too much" -cool_boi98
    Imagine how my arms look. When I was in sixth-grade I pulled out so much hair that I got a blank spot on my head. That looked pretty funny. And embarrassing. And pretty effed up.
    This doesn't just affect my social life. You know how hair is indigestible? It can clog up the stomach and this can lead to serious constipation that can lead to serious death, worst case. Operating to get it away is an alternative.
    "So why don't you just stop? That can't be hard, just tell yourself to stop, derp." -random, judgmental person
    I can't. I tell myself all the time to stop but I end up doing it without knowing what I'm doing until after the action. I don't have the self control.
    So, as you can see, this is kinda hard for me to deal with. I'm gonna tell my dad somehow, someday. My dad is a very compassionate man and he is also a doctor. He doesn't flame his patients for being sick, so he won't flame me for being sick (in the head) either.
    Any tips on how to say/what to do? You are the only community I would ask as you accept people for who they are. That is what makes ADISC good.
    Accepting any help!

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    Given that your father is a doctor, I'd suggest a straightforward approach. If you haven't got an official diagnosis from a professional, which I presume you don't or he would likely know already, I wouldn't try to be all technical about what you have or think you have but just explain what the problem is and go from there. The bottom line is that you need some help to stop this damaging behavior. Just be as honest as you can.

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    Sounds like a pretty disruptive condition to live with. Do you know if it is triggered by stress or other emotional factors?
    Is it something that you do because you enjoy the feel while you're doing it, or do you think it is a self destructive urge?

    I used to have a few OCD tendencies when I was younger, which seemed to be stress related, but they seem to have disappeared as I got older and found other coping mechanisms.

    If all else fails, have you considered shaving off your hair? Don't know if that would help, but it could be worth trying?

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    Given that you are experiencing a true disorder, I would think that you should be fine telling your father, or even both your parents, that you have this urge to pull your hair out and eat it, and you are very worried about it (although telling your father alone first is probably the best choice; as you say he is a doctor and should be able to help your mother understand). They will not freak, or disown you, or anything like that. As a father myself, I know that I would want my child to tell me if they were experiencing this kind of issue, so I could help them deal with it.

    Telling your parents about liking diapers, or about your sexuality, or something like that, is much more of a choice, and is really only your business; they don't need to know about your personal interests. The only exception is when it becomes disruptive to your life i.e. you can't function mentally or socially unless you're diapered, or you have uncontrollable sexual urges around the object of your attraction. Your affliction is truly disruptive, and has a serious health consequence into the bargain. I hope you tell them soon, and that you are able to get help controlling it.

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    Hey guys - I told dad yesterday. It didn't turn out the way I thought it would be - and that might be positive, actually.
    I asked dad to come down to the computer and I showed him the wiki page of Thrichotillomania.
    He knew what it was - good! I planned to formulate it very calm and serious but I as we kept on talking I started crying and we hugged for a long while. How manly of me... Sigh. Well, he accepted it and so does mom. Feels great to vent.
    Thanks for the support!

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    Thats great... hopefully being able to talk about it, and get support from your parents will make it easier to live with, if stress is an underlying factor to the condition, it might end up helping.

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    That is a good start, you are on the road to a recovery. I am not sure what the solution is but I am sure that your dad will be able to come up with something or someone. Even telling your parents about your little problem will bring a lot of releif to you. I wish you well and please keep us posted on how you make progress.
    I suffer with stress sometimes and I chew the flesh off my paws/hands so I know a little about what`s going on. My solution is often to shut myself in and vent in other ways, or sometimes to find something I enjoy doing or sometimes chew on something like a rubber bone.

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