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Thread: Playstation 3

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    Talking Playstation 3

    I am so happy, i am getting a ps3 next week with gta4. So can't wait.

    So...what do you think about the ps3.

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    Well, since i've had mine, I've had nothing but fun.

    Rock Band, GTA 4, Burnout... Probably picking up Uncharted or something this upcoming weekend as well, but I'm not sure yet... might just hold out for the new DBZ Game (the demo is fun!)

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    Since I've had mine, I've had a great time. GTA IV and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare(the online play is awesome!) is mostly what I play. I also have Army of Two, but I haven't played it very much. You will really enjoy it.

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    Ooh... Jen is into those violent games...


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    I don't like violins in video games... they're distracting :P (yes, it's an oooooooold joke)

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    Cool, a fellow PS3 owner! People give the PS3 a lot of crap, but they've obviously never played one. Games to get are CoD4 and Unreal Tournament (The Playstation 3 version of Halo, only it's waaaay better).

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    I'm waiting for MGS4 right now...

    As for it getting crap... It does, but I don't know why. I've got it setup with TVersity running on my PC's, and just for streaming video over it, it can't be beat

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    I want to get a PS3 and a Wii. It freaking sucking having no money.

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    i got a ps3..its pretty cool. except i havent played it in months...just been really busy with other interests/endeavors. but yeah..if u like vid games..go for it.

    except the best vid games i believe were made during the ps1 era. ohh the nostalgia.

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