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    Default Hello everyone

    Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone on here...I've been reading the stories/articles on here for awhile now, and am now wanting to write/post a few stories of my own; but I obviously needed to introduce myself in order to make that happen.
    I guess I'm just a normal guy who had been into the DL scene for awhile now. I really love wearing and using diapers as much as possible, but it doesn't consume my whole life. I love to hang out with friends, play sports (I played lacrosse in college), and stay active. I'm big into music and it is a very big part of my business and what I do as a career. I am very independent, and some might call me a workaholic, but work helps me relax and where I am really comfortable.
    Like most people in the ab/dl community, I would love to find a great woman who is also into diapers, just because I think that would be an amazing thing to be able to share with the person you care about, and it would be so much fun too.
    Anyway, that's about it for now, if you want to talk further or know more about me, send me a message and I'll do my best to reply as quick as possible. Thanks

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    Hey there, if you've been lurking around the forums a lot you'll know that we have tons of posts outside of the usual diaper ones, so why not tell us a little bit more about yourself outside of your diaper interests?

    You mentioned you're in the music industry... what sort of music are you into? What's your favourite song of all time?

    What other interests do you have? Do you play an sports? Have any odd collections?

    Looking forward to hearing more from you soon

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