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Thread: OMG Crazy Man.

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    Angry OMG Crazy Man.

    So my laptop kinda broke.

    It was only 4 months old, turned it on the one night (bout a week ago now, actually, exactly a week!) and there was a BIOS password.

    After researching we found out it was either a security bug with that model... or some dumb f*ck I know put the password on.

    So needless to say I bought a new one. The last week we tried everything, taking off the battery, booting up with software to get around it, EVERYTHING. NOTHING worked!

    So I decided to sell it.

    The one guy says he wants it. Told him I did everything to try to fix it, so he either has great parts, or if he can get around the BIOS password, a great working computer. Buddy was certain he could get around the password.

    So he comes picks it up this morning... pays for it.

    I got an email. Basically calling me a con-artist and a liar. My mom went and read through ALL of the emails sent back and forth, and we came to the conclusion that hes just bitter he couldn't fix it.

    I never lied to the guy, not once. He then calls my house 6 times in a row...

    Dudes crazy. >.<

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    How creepyish...I hate phone calls from people I don't know...Or random ones at night...Or a bunch from the same people...*Rambles on about things he hates*

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    I don't know if this applies to laptops as well, but typically there is a jumper on the motherboard that you can set to reset all BIOS settings. Alternatively, if you can disconnect the CMOS battery for a few hours (that is, if it's not on-board) that might do it as well. But, since you already sold it [shrug].

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    It's his problem. You told him the problem. It's his fault if he can't fix it.

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    Chevre: No jumper switch... and I did remove the battery, ranging from 10 minutes to several hours... nothing. I just gave up. Actually, I'm really happy with the new one so I don't mind much that the other one broke.

    Orms: Thats the thing... the buyer knew everything, and I mean every nitty gritty detail about it. He's just throwing a hissy fit.

    Shippo: Exactly. Thats why I'm ticked, he can't throw a hissy fit when he cant fix it because he knew what he bought, just like I wasn't able to return it to Best Buy because it was broken.

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    I find it odd that something 4 months old wouldn't be under warranty...

    eh well...

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    Shame you didn't post here. I know the bypass passwords for MOST BIOS OS's nowwa days.

    Answer the phone and say "Stop phoning or I call the police" and if he still continues, block his number. You've kept completely within the law.

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    That's a shame, Mandi.. disconnecting the battery should have done it.There should be a master(admin?) password that you can use that will bypass the password..

    Did you try a boot disk? Recovery software? Installing a new BIOS? There's always a way around passwords..

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    Why is everyone still giving her advice to fix it...She already got rid of it, so it doesn't really matter anymore...

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