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Thread: 2010 Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show - November 11, 12 & 13 Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida

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    Default 2010 Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show - November 11, 12 & 13 Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida

    The Homecoming Air Show is held at Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 11, 12 & 13, 2010. Gate admission is free. Gates open at 8 am each day. The show begins at 9:45 am, with the Blues scheduled to fly around 2 pm.* The pilots do sign autographs after the show. Over 100,000 people are expected to view the show daily.
    Visitors are directed to the air field parking from both gates, but are encouraged to use the shuttle
    parking lot to avoid very long walks. Buses will make the rounds, taking patrons to and from
    the air show site. Traffic is well handled and clears the base easily after the show.
    Patrons may bring chairs, however, no coolers, backpacks, food, drinks or pets will be allowed. A handicap area is set aside for wheelchairs and an accompaniest only. No seating is provided. MWR rents bleachers to provide seating for those not bringing chairs and bleacher seating is available for $5 per person in advance or $7 after Nov 3. Many large groups reserve seating in advance so bleacher seating is limited and pre-purchase is recommended. Bleacher,
    Box and Flight line seating package are offered on our seating page.
    The show includes static displays of aircraft of all types, food, beverage and vendor booths,
    virtual reality experiences and other attractions that make this show a favorite excursion for
    folks from all over the country. There will be a Kids' Zone, virtual games and bungee jump to entertain the children. Home Depot will have a Kids Workshop Area with craft projects.
    For those who have never attended an air show, be advised the aircraft can be VERY noisy
    and young children need protection for their ears. It can also be windy on the tarmac and
    layers of clothes are recommended. The temperature usually ranges between 60-70 degrees.

    FAQ Layout Map Getting to the Base & Base Map Parking

    Security will direct traffic to Shuttle Lot A, then B when A is filled etc.
    Shuttle Busses are provided at no charge and will run all day, delivering
    patrons right to the air show tarmac and back again after the show.

    The Thursday Air Show is dedicated to Veterans and Veterans Groups
    may contact us for groups seating information.

    The Thursday night air show will be open to the public as well as to
    sponsors and the military for whom the sponsors have helped fund this show.

    Direct link to purchase seating on line. Check Seating for description of seating options:

    Nov 11-13, 2010

    Blue Angels Homecoming

    Blue Angels
    Jan Collmer Airshows
    Legacy Flight
    Michael Goulian
    OTTO, Inc
    Rob Reider Announcer
    F-15E Strike Eagle Demo Team
    Airboss, Inc
    Lone Star Flight Museum
    Vertigo Airshows
    F/A-18F Super Hornet

    The public is invited to join sponsors and military for the night air show held on Thursday evening.
    Visually stunning, this show is worth the extra trip out to Sherman Field for the "light show"...but of course,
    we hope you will attend the day show and stay for the night show. You are allowed to bring chairs and blankets.
    Don't miss the fantastic fireworks by Riche's Pyro!
    Melrose Pyrotechnics

    The night show begins with the National Anthem at 4:30 pm. Since the day show ends around 3 pm,
    there is going to be difficulty getting to the airfield until departing traffic is cleared out, so it is
    recommended visitors arrive before 3 pm or after 4 pm - preferably from the back gate off
    Blue Angel Pkwy. The Blues go up around 2, and they aren't included in the night show The show will feature:
    Emerald Coast Skydivers
    Bob Carlton & Salto Sail Plane
    Bill Leff
    Aerostar Formation Aerobatic Team
    F-16 Viper E Demo Team
    Shockwave Jet Truck
    Otto the Helicopter
    Fireworks Display webmaster..."WOW!"
    "Wall of Fire" by Rich's Pyro (no cooking of frankfurters allowed)
    6:50 pm ... Lights come on - guests depart


    A-10 Thunderbolt (Warthog)*

    A26 Invader

    C-2 Greyhound*

    C-5 Galaxy*

    C-17 Globemaster III*

    >CH-53 Sea Stallion*

    C-118 - Liftmaster

    C-130 - Hercules

    CJ6A Nachang *

    Delta Pink Plane *

    EA-6B Prowler

    EA-18G Growler

    E1-B Tracer

    E2-C Hawkeye

    F-9F Cougar

    F-15E Strike Eagle*

    F-16 Falcon

    F-18 Hornet

    KC-10A Extender

    HU-16 Albatross

    H-57 Sea Ranger

    H-60 Seahawk *

    NU-1B Otter

    L-19 Bird Dog

    Life Flight Helo

    OV-1 Mohawk*

    P-3 Orion

    PBJ Mitchell

    PV-2 Harpoon


    1943 Stearman

    S-2 Tracker

    T-1 Jayhawk

    T-2C Buckeye

    T-6 Texan

    T-34 Turbomentor

    T-38 Talon

    T-43 Bobcat

    T-45 Goshawk

    T-A4 Skyhawk

    TC-4C Acadame


    V-22 Osprey

    *not confirmed

    to see more or to learn more about the air show go to airshow
    hope that u will enjoy this and remember this is a yearly show and next year is 100 year of naval aviation so let show them that we love them Fly Navy

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    i would love to find an air show in the state or the would that can top 217 aircraft at the show . as this show has 42 AIRCRAFT on display and then there is the national naval aviation museum 150+ AIRCRAFT then there are the Performers and there AIRCRAFT. this is just a fun time to come out and hang with friends or just to watch .

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    I'm a little confused by your post. Are you trying to set up a group of people to go with you? Want to talk about air shows in general? I mean, if you want to talk about big air shows, how about Paris or Farnborough?

    Oh, and just for the record, FTN.

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    well it is just to let people know about the show and to see if any one is wanting to go . as i go evey year and love it . as for paris idk how many acts they have and how many they have on display .

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