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Thread: Je suis un papa du Québec

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    Default Je suis un papa du Québec

    Bonjour je suis un papa qui aimerais adopter bébé adulte qui a 18 ans et plus mais qui régresse a un age de 2 ans et moins

    (deleted 18+ content)
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    Bonjour Sorry that's all i know i'm in french 1 at school lol. Welcome to ADISC!

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC,

    Do you speak any English? I'm afraid I speak no French. We are an English speaking community, and whilst we welcome people from all nations I think you will struggle to get by on this forum if you do not have a basic grasp of English.

    I used google translater to turn your post from French to English so I can understand it, and it states that you are looking for an adult baby to adopt. ADISC is not a dating site, and we do not allow our members to post in order to try and find other people to meet in real life, nor do we encourage meet-ups. ADISC is a support community designed to allow people of all ages to share and discuss their feelings related to the AB/DL lifestyle over the safety of the internet. This website caters for minors, and for that reason people are discouraged from trying to arrange contact outside of this website.

    If you are solely looking to find an adult baby to 'adopt' then I am afraid you have come to the wrong place. If, however, you would like to come and join our suport community and speak to others with similar interests to you (without the hope of meeting up) why not post an introduction and tell us a little about yourself, such as your hobbies, interests or anything else interesting about your real-life. You can edit your original post by clicking on 'edit post' in the bottom right hand corner of it.

    Also, as you're new and probably haven't had time to read them yet I will direct you to the rules which should explain what we're all about here:

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    Parlez Anglais seulement ici! Merci!

    Et pas des links (what's that in French) aux pages 18+. C'est interdit!

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    Bonjour, papamarcel! Bienvenue a ADISC! Je regrette, mais vous ne permettez pas mettre lien(?) pour websites adulte.

    Si vous parleriez Anglais, il serait magnifique! (I haven't spoken French since the tenth grade, sorry!)

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    Salut, tu devrais peut-être songer à te présenter à la place de poster des annonces sexuelles de ce genre. Et ce forum est anglophone donc fait au moins ton possible pour parler Anglais!

    English Traduction:
    Hello, you should probably present yourself instead of posting random sexual posts. This forum is an english forum so make some efforts to write in english.

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    +1 pour GoodNites2. Lire les règlements seraient aussi une bonne idée.

    Ah et les "links" on appelle ça des liens en Français.


    +1 for GoodNites2. Reading the rules wouls also be a good idea.

    And "links" are called "liens" in French

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