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Thread: National "Coming Out" Day

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    Talking National "Coming Out" Day

    I don't think I have anything to hide from the fandom. I think I've made it pretty clear, if you know me at all, that I like BOYS. And girls have cooties that make my skin burn. But why is it such a big friggin deal?

    After being out for all this time, it's nothing new to me. I've successfully surrounded myself with people who accept me for who I am, and me being gay as a given, and it's no different to them than if I were to be straight, or asexual, or anything else. And I think it applies the same with every sort of sexuality when I say that I know who to discuss my sexuality with and who not to. I don't go talking about my sexuality with my dad. He's simply not interested. He knows I'm gay, and I'm sure he's still upset, but for the most part, he couldn't give a damn, cause it's just not something that we openly discuss. And the same goes for if you were straight, you don't go around talking about that chick you banged unless you're around people who care. Thus, I don't go around talking about my gay endeavors simply because I don't care to.

    But believe it or not, coming out of the closet has caused people to lose their jobs, be kicked out of their homes, and even be killed!

    So this day is dedicated to those of you still hiding who you really are, and coming to terms with who you are. It may make it a little easier to tell people you know and love, knowing that it's a national event. It may even make it easier for your friends and family to be accepting of such matters.

    What are your thoughts on the subject?

    If you're gay and still "closeted" do you intend on coming out soon?

    Do you think that this day should also count to *b/dl/bf-ism too?

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    I think it's a good idea to have this for people that might need a bit of encouragement, or maybe some additional support to let them know that it's OK and they're not alone. It's probably also good to point out that maybe this type of event can help people be more accepting of themselves, especially in the wake of the recent suicides of several gay teens, which really didn't have to happen.

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    I suppose im a closet pansexual o_o however bad news for you guys is *chases you away with my girl cooties* im female, oh nos! However, i also dont really have any urge to go struttin around like some slutty lesbo lol but then again i also like guys as well. I guess mainly i dont really have an urge to advertise. Also, towards the relationship with mom/dad, >_> i think i spun them through enough after they discovered my tb side but i find my mom and dad are pretty blunt about sexuality in the sence its almost funny. If anyone is, its my dad, captain number one at pointing out "wow thats a nice ass"to some random girl walking down the block as hes driving by; i think hes pretty open with his feelings for the most part o_ o. That being said im sure we have very different parents.

    In the end, it really comes down to how you feel about it and is it nessesary. If you want to avoid possible negative confrontation, keep it under the rug until your in a relationship with another that you feel you want to progress in and expose or something. If you want to go alittle more uhh.. "open" to say what i would call the more "poofy" side of being gay for example, where your doin the voice change/more "fruity" attire if you will, well... your taken your chances at some not-understanding people giving you a very hard time.

    Thats about all i can think of really.

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    I've been out of the (gay) closet to close friends but family and friends thereof still have no clue... and it's beginning to become awkward.
    Firstly, I'm between jobs at the moment and I've family obligations so I'm having to stay with my dad for a while so there is absolutely zero chance of really persuing any sort of relationship. There are times I think that if he knew then I'd be free to go after my own personal happiness without fear of reprisal. Knowing him if I did get into a relationship and he found out he'd probably be more hurt by the fact that I'd hidden this part of myself from him but, on the flip-side, if I told him I was gay there's a good chance he wouldn't exactly take it well... but I've no way of knowing that for sure.
    Even if I didn't live with him I'd still likely live in the same town and its close-knit communities where you're unlikely to be able to keep a secret from people who know you so I still wouldn't be able to get into any relationships.
    Second problem I'm having is that he doesn't seem to want to see me alone and, lately, whenever we're out having a drink together (what, doesn't everyone go out drinking with family as well as friends?) and he sees some girl he thinks would suit me he's on my case pushing me to go over and chat her up and not only is it getting tedious to have to hear it with every girl that passes but I'm also starting to run out of reasons not to go and flirt without raising suspicion. It's not going to be long and the only reason I'll have left is "because I'd rather get nailed by the guy standing behind her".
    The more I think about it, the more it seems like a good idea just to suck it up, grow a pair and just tell him I'm a great big flaming homo. Throw and a couple of pints into the mix and tognues loosen, inhibitions lower and suddenly it seems like enough of a good idea that I end up doing it without thinking.

    If there was a specific day for it and I knew that others all over the planet were doing the same thing then it might make me slightly more likely to go through with it but the likelyhood of chickening out is still a very real one when the time finally came to do it. Of course, there's no way of really knowing that until/if the time comes.
    Ultimately though, I think there would be a LOT of people that would get that extra little boost of courage, just enough to follow it through and finally end up living the life they feel they were supposed to live.

    As for it counting for the infantilist side of things; I say why not, if it's something you feel the need to come out about. Nobody should feel obliged to 'fess up to everything at once, just the things they don't want to hide any more.
    What I say, though, is why stop there? Why not make it a general (Inter)National Coming Out Day? If there's anything (within legality, morality and dietary boundaries if they are relevant to that particular case) that you want people to know about you be it infantilism, furry, you're actually a gelatinous being from another dimension, etc, etc, etc then why not have this day to give you the kickstart you need to let it be known?

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    Ah, so that's why the GSA had a big table set up on campus today, heh. I think it's a great thing, honestly, and feel this certainly isn't something that should be restricted to just one community. If you're holding something back and keeping it a secret, and it's gotten to the point that it's tearing you up inside, I think it's the same deal no matter what it is. You're still repressing stuff and hiding. Most people cannot come to terms with themselves on a matter like this without the support of others. So yeah, if you must come out about being different in some way, I see no problem with taking part in a coming out day.

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    Yeaaaah, I came out as bisexual to my parents last weekend. Turned into a giant clusterfuck that still hasn't blown over. I don't know when it will blow over, actually. I grew up Mormon, so this is more terrible than me being pregnant, according to my mother. If I was still living at home, I think they would have kicked me out by now.

    I think if kids know that their parents won't freak the fuck out, they should come out when they feel the time is right. I waited until I moved away (thank goodness), and even that has been really difficult for me.

    I don't plan on telling my parents anything about my proclivities, including BDSM and diapers. They don't need to know about my sex life. -shrug-

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    Well just so i don't miss the boat.....I came out to my life partner (girlfriend, fiance, wife, thingy....can't get married for personal reasons) yesterday that I think I might wanna be a girl more than a guy. And I that wanna explore the Transgendered world. She in her usual awesome way said: "Ok, I'm fine with that", "I'll go where you go" and that is why I must give my girl a shout out for being the most accepting girl on the face of the planet and the best life partner EVER! I love you baby.

    So yeah there you all are, the funny thing is i was literally on a path to discover myself as a man.... I might have to make my own post about this

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    How did I miss this when I made a thread about it? Anyway very recently I have come to terms with being Bisexual. I don't think I'm ready to tell anybody, but I have an idea on who to come out too.........I'm scared still.

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    Normally coming out of the closet leaves you in somebody's bedroom. *Ha*

    Really though, I only believe "coming out of the closet" is an option when you or both parties benefit from knowing. Though, a lot of my experiences are better portrayed as "falling out of the closet in an embarrassing position" than "coming out" so what do I know about it?

    The only person I've "come out of the closet" to, is my sister, who happens to to share 95% of my interests.

    Just to clarify, I'm bi.


    A thought on "Coming Out" day:

    If the majority of the world's population up and decided to become independent of trends, and became all-accepting, then yes, this would be a good idea for every suppressed niche group, from *B/DL-ism to curtain fetishists, to participate in "Coming Out" day.

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    Back in high school, you could not even mention the "g" word without being ostracized completely. Due to my school's conservative nature, I did not even consider coming out (I'm bi, but lean gay). I told my two best friends in junior year that I was (interestingly enough, that was the same conversation that I told them about the whole *B/DL thing as well), and both of them were incredibly accepting of both of them.

    Now that I'm in college, my position has seriously changed. The majority of my college friends know about my sexuality, and all of my close friends know as well. So far, I have been warmly accepted by everyone except for one, but that situation is changing. None of my family knows except for one cousin; considering that the majority of my family is quite conservative and affiliate themselves with the Southern Baptist Evangelical movement, I do not plan on telling them anytime soon. My closest friends also know about the DL side; I think the number of friends who know about it are up to five. And all of them have been shockingly cool about it. One of them was so supportive that he actually wanted to join ADISC. Who knows, we might see him around here some day ha!

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