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Thread: Bringer of.... Probably aggrivation, at best.

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    Smile Bringer of.... Probably aggrivation, at best.


    I was directed here after deciding a relocation of my attentions was necessary for my continued enjoyment of the AB/BabyFur lifestyle.

    Some may know me, others probably not... If you do know me, you probably are irritated with me, which is probably ironic since there's a good chance I forgot why. OH well.

    Anyway, there's always a chance for new beginnings, I say. Here's to the future! CHEERS!

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    Hah! Are you talking refugee status here? From another, less-savoury site?

    Anyways, welcome to ADISC.

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    Nah, not refugee, just decided to lose the hostilities that were brewing elsewhere.

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    Reading your profile...

    Well educated, highly opinionated, master of the obvious

    I might have some competition... O_O;

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    The Misadventures of Hello Cthulhu Says everything I have to say.

    That + Welcome.

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    Welcome! Enjoy your time here, you'll love it. And when you do love it, lemme know so I can say...

    "TOLDJA SO!":weee:

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    Hi! *stares at Orms's avatar* what is that?

    Have fun on the forums!

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    You know, I missed that avatar. Also I know what that thing is but I forgot.

    Anyways Welcome Orms.

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