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    I just joined this site because I've been in the slow process of coming to terms with my affection for all things AB. I'm a 31 year old lesbian residing in the scenic and excruciatingly hot Sonoran desert.

    I've recently returned to writing erotica and have decided to tackle my love of age-play and diapers. I realized that once I finished, I wouldn't have anywhere to post the thing. So, I thought this might be a good place to start, as I have read and enjoyed a number of the stories on these forums.

    I enjoy music, which I am completely unable to play; reading fiction, both erotic and otherwise; and video games, particularly MMOs.

    I look forward to meeting and interacting with you all.

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    Greeting Aby! Welcome to ADISC. I am pretty new here myself but it never hurts to say hello.

    Ive never been but I hear Sonora is beautiful. Although the heat, not so beautiful at times.

    Hope to see you around on the forums and read your stories as you post them.

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    This is indeed the place many call home; coming to terms with your love for all things ab... should inspire great stuff, and I will read it, eventually... I am sure it will be good. I am glad to see more gals joining: we need their perspective and their input; and they shold have a place to find like-minded others, where they can be free from come-ons, hassles, rudeness and mysogeny.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AbbyEleventy View Post
    I enjoy music, which I am completely unable to play
    Yay you sound like me I'm useless at anything related to music at all, but it still doesn't stop me singing every second of the day!

    What's your all time favourite book then?

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