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Thread: Adult diapers in South America? ¿Pañales en Latino America?

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    Default Adult diapers in South America? ¿Pañales en Latino America?

    I havn't always lived in the United States. I spent a number of years living in South America. I noticed on several occassions, as I walked along the streets, stores advertising adult sized diapers. It wasn't until I moved to the United states that I discovered people's fascination with adult diapers. Anyone else with experiences like these in South America?
    and yes,...Yo hablo español.

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    It may be that Adult diapers are more accepted down in South America. Whereas in the US they are seen as taboo. In a way thats probably what draws people to be fascinated with them.

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    they are more accepted. In fact, they advertise in the middle of busy sidewalks. No secret who goes in there. i never had the guts while I lived there. I had to live with my bedwetting problem long enough to make it to the states and order things online.

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    There used to be a site a long time ago that focused on diapered women in Brazil. A lot of their photos focused on the models diapering up then going out in public to do their normal thing. So it seems the same fascination exists in South America (in Brazil at least).

    I guess coming the US is the land of wear diapers

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    ¡Hola! Se siente muy bien al conocer a otras personas que hablan mi lengua materna, bueno, el ingles es paterno :P.

    Como you frecuento ir a México con mi familia, usualmente también visitamos mercados y farmacias, como serían Soriana o Gusher (vivo en el oeste, así que talvez serían Chedraui o Walmart en el sureste) donde he encotrado Depends México, DiaPro y Assurance, o algo parecido. Se dice que Depends Plentitud Nocturna es el mejor de las tres marcas, como el nombre indica, es para la noche, así que es casi garantizado que absorbe más. Aunque personalmente no he probado alguno de estos, sé que es una generación pasada a la que está en los Estados Unidos.

    ¡Espero que te haya ayudado!

    Hi! It feels good to see other spanish speakers here in ADISC.

    Since I frecuently go to Mexico with my family, we usually visit markets and farmacies, like Soriana or Gusher (I live on the norhtern west coast, so I don{t have much knowledge on souther or eastern markets, except for Chedraui or Walmart) I have found Depends [Mexico], DiaPro, and Assurance (I know it varies from the generic brand found on Walgreens) I have heard that Depends Plentitud Nocturno is the best disposable diaper found on Mexico, since it{s designed for nightime protection, thus making it more absorbant. Although I have had no first hand experiences with any of these, I know there from a previous generation that´s not the curren one in the US.

    Hope this helps!

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    ¡por su puesto! igual a ti, me ayuda mucho al saber que hay otras personas en una situación similar que yo. Perdón si mi español no es lo mejor, He vivido en los estados por más tiempo que allá. Yo se que hay marcas en otros países que son diferentes, aunque sean de la misma companía. es posible que depends son mejores alla, porque no soy tan satisfecho con los depends que se venden en los supermercados aquí.

    Absolutly! it helps alot to know other people are in a similiar situation as my own. Sorry if my spansh isn't the best, I have lived here in the U.S. for alot longer. i know there are brands in other countries that are diferent, even if they're from the same company. It's possible that depends are better over there because I'm not completely satisfied with the depends that are sold in the supermarkets here.

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