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Thread: Oooh....Ahhh...Shiny Things....Touchhh....HI!!!!

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    Red face Oooh....Ahhh...Shiny Things....Touchhh....HI!!!!

    How is everyone?

    Everyone here can just call me Apprentice, or Triela. Whichever really. I've been here before, but things came up, so I'm back...again.

    Anyway, things about me? Well, I'm currently attending school for an Associates in Arts (which I will receive in May), at the tender age of 18. I've been attending a fast paced school for about 5 years now so that once I go onto other colleges, I will have the majority of the courses that I need. So, instead of the normal 4, I may only need 2 years of college...which is kinda cool actually. To me, anyway. But I'm a geek, .

    Steampunk, Indie, and Gypsy Punk is about all I really listen to. But, I do enjoy One Republic, Daft Punk, and Duran there's that.

    I love plenty of cartoons; Little Bear, The Powerpuff Girls, Powerpuff Girls Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rugrats being some.

    ...not sure what else to say, but HI EVERYONE!!!

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    Hi there TheApprentice. Welcome to ADISC... again I guess.

    That's a really good intro there, so I know you'll fit in great here . So I guess it's... "You're hired!" Eh? ..... *sigh*
    Feel free to post around and check the place out, especially if it's been a while since you were last here. Hope you enjoy being here, and please stick around this time, lol.

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    Well hello TheApprentice and welcome back.

    I see you love Fullmetal Alchemist, that's cool. I've got to admit I to love watching it too. Especially when ED and Mustang got into it...good times.

    As the old saying goes "pull up a chair, make yourself at home and stay a while." Glad to have you around.

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    Ooooh cartoons are always fun

    I went home to visit my parents yesterday, and there was Baby Looney Toons! How cool is that? They were SO cute

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Random Question: What's your all time favourite movie ever?

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