They are:

  1. "Rules" link re-added to navbar.
  2. "Articles" tab now correctly highlights when you're in that section.
  3. Rule on crotch shots changed - they're now permitted only for product review purposes.
  4. Closed threads are now excluded from the "top lists" on the homepage.
  5. The bug that caused a "/" to appear in some pages is now fixed.
  6. Members using the pink skin can now browse the articles section.
  7. The "reputation" icon has been updated, to include the text "Rep +/-". This should make it clearer what this icon does. Note that you may need to clear your browser's cache, shift-reload the page and/or wait a few days before this change becomes visible to you.

The other projects I'm working on this weekend (but which will likely take quite a bit more work before being done) are:

  1. Other improvements to the rep system, specifically with regards to moderation (making it easier to report invalid rep, possibly letting people see a complete rep history, changes to allow multiple staff members to moderate rep, etc)
  2. Improvements to the groups system, as detailed at:
  3. Adding a "content manager" staff position, responsible for the articles & wiki sections.
  4. Improving the group promotions system (documenting the requirements for each group in a public thread, simplyfing the code, etc)