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    I hear that a certain material is causing the price of disposable diapers to rise. I figure maybe i should invest in washable ones. I love tapes, though, you know, the sound, but that could be fixed with Velcro. And for plastic feel there are plastic pants, but are there any plastic pants that have a thin layer of plastic, like a disposable diaper?? What do you think/ plan to do about this???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonthebeast View Post
    What do you plan to do about this???

    why? well, i grew up on trads (liners, nappies, pins and placky pants) and it'd be easy for me to fall back to wearing them regularly.
    don't get me wrong, i like dispies and i've come to like their qualities and appreciate their functional benefits......but, when they first became available, i had a total contempt for them; and you could understand why if you'd experienced the first generations of dispies.
    initially, when i first tried a dispie on, i could only equate with wearing a piece of paper and to some extent, that view is still lurking in a corner of my mind. even now i still regard a trad as an item of clothing and a dispie as not.
    when the time comes, you'll probably have a similar culture shock and sensory adjustment, though in reverse.

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    I like the environmentally-friendly aspect anyway...Maybe I'd just go full-time with the, much cuter, cloth diapers. Get more cute designs and I'm in. It has to have velcro latches and fit just like a disposable though, that's my only condition.

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    The "material" that is causing prices on everything to go up nation-wide is oil. Fuel prices effect everything in the long run b/c everything is shipped by either train or diesel truck. Shipping today costs anywhere from 25% to 50% more than it did a year ago. So to make up for the extra costs manufacturers just increase their prices.

    Also of interest... the plastic top-sheet of disposables is made from petrolium based chemicals... so yeah... I can definately see diaper prices going up.

    Cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly alternative... but I'm not a big fan of them. They have to be layered on super thick to provide any kind of real absorbancy... they are hot... they smell awful when wet... and they give me a nasty rash. I've still got some... I just don't use them anymore.

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