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Thread: Mommies Scents product.... FREAKING WOW.

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    Default Mommies Scents product.... FREAKING WOW.

    So for those of you who don't want to pay extra for scented diapers, ....I didn't

    I went out and bought this product called "mommies scents". I got the Diaper Fresh scent, and the thing freaking smells like the old school pampers/luvs scent.

    Makes even the most mundane diaper smell good. Especially since those bambinos often have a chemical smell to them.

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    That's awesome where can i buy some?

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    more info please... where did u get them what department etc?

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    I have try this scents to. I love: Mommies Magic Fresh Scent it smells very good.

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    damn! we need a scratch and sniff screen to post the scent! lol

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