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Thread: Would You Like to Write to Me?

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    Default Would You Like to Write to Me?

    This was posted by my Daddy... I think if you read it to the end, you will understand why.

    Hello. My name is Stephen and I am scared to death to actually be writing something for other people to read. For nearly half my life, I have been an observer of the many ABDL sites, but for the first time I am trying to be a participant. It’s selfish, but this introduction is as much for me as it is for you. My whole life I have struggled to better understand this interest we share. It wasn’t until I met someone and shared this “secret” that this became something I felt secure enough to try.
    Since I was a very young boy I have been fascinated by diapers. There are some key events that served to intensify this obsession, but I thought I was alone. Like many others, I experimented with making my own, since going to a store to purchase disposables was too terrifying to really consider. Then I stumbled across ABDL sites on the net when I was fourteen. I scoured every page, viewed every picture, and read every story until there wasn’t enough new material to satisfy my quest for input. I tried my hand at writing my own stories, but I was too scared to post them. What if someone tracked it back and discovered my “secret?”
    When I was a teen, depression was my constant companion. Having grown up in a house where drug use was the norm, I turned to that to escape from reality. Not only was I hiding this interest in diapers, but I was also trying to discern why I felt so unsure about my sexuality. The two combined to make me incredibly insecure. My attempts at relationships were superficially a success, with both boys and girls, but they did not give me the comfort and lasting enjoyment I was seeking. Even when my “secret” was discovered on a few occasions, people were happy to ignore what they didn’t understand.
    Eventually my drug use and bad decisions caught up with me. In the spring of 2003, I was arrested for robbery and sentenced to spend a decade of my life in prison. At first I didn’t think it was possible for me to survive that long. I made many mistakes that made being incarcerated much harder than it had to be. Not having anyone to talk to about my life meant that now my old life had to be kept a secret unless I wanted to be taken advantage of, or worse.
    And then something amazing happened. While being moved from one prison to another, I came into contact with a man who immediately gave me the sense of comfort I had been craving. We exchanged letters, and something told me to tell him the whole truth. Imagine my surprise when he responded and asked me for more details. We continued to develop our relationship until my “secret” had become “our secret.” Love is a powerful thing.
    My “Daddy” may not be as passionate about this lifestyle as I am, but he is accepting of my interest. It will be another couple years before I am released, so I am hoping to use this posting to meet some new friends to correspond with. Daddy has said he will check my e-mail and forward messages to me, but I’d really like to meet some people I can write using snail mail. Please be patient if you don’t get a quick response, but know that I will get back to anyone who takes the time to say hello. Until then...
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    Welcome to ADISC. Well done for making the first step and posting here, and being so frank and honest with us.

    However, I'm afraid it isn't really appropriate to be asking for people on this website to write to you - as you know most AB/DLs are worried about being discovered and it is not a good idea for anybody on this website to give out personal information such as their real name or address to anybody else on the website in order to write to others, plus a lot of the members of this community are minors. I wouldn't encourage anybody on here, yourself included, to risk giving their address out to anybody they meet online. Email addresses are also not allowed to be posted in the introductions forum but I think there is possibly an option to display it on your profile page. I suggest you may wish to edit those parts out of your introduction. Once you become a regular user of the site you will gain access to the private messaging function on the site, which is probably a much safer way to communicate with others here.

    Anyway, aside from diapers what other interests do you have? Do you have any interesting hobbies or interests, or like a particular type of music or film? We like to get to know all of our members really well, outside of their interest in diapers - we have a really diverse community here and it's very likely if you share your interests etc here you will find others who like similar things to you

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

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    Sorry if what I posted wasn't quite within what most expect. I have removed the e-mail, as I will be notified by e-mail anyway when I get messages. As for requesting people to write... I haven't asked anyone to send me their address, or real name, for that matter. I will pass any e-mail messages on to Stephen as they come it. When he replies, I will pass those back to the writers. In any event, I feel we have just said what this poor boys wants... not necessarily what he will get. If you don't want to write him... or anyone else is skittish about writing him, that is your prerogative.
    Thanks for letting me know, though.
    Stephen's Daddy

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    I understand that you are trying to help him to find somebody to write to him, however the purpose of this website is to have a safe place for people of all ages to find support and talk to others which share an interest most cannot share with anybody in their real lives. ADISC is unlike many other AB/DL sites in that we have a mix of members under 18 and adults, and we do not encourage members to meet - I think hand-writing to other members may fall into that category and if that is your reason for joining this website then you may have come to the wrong place. Please don't think I am being rude, but as I said this website is for talking with other like-minded individuals in a safe environment - a much better way for Stephen to make good, long-lasting friends would be to first become an active and respected member of the community. I think immediately asking people to write to him before they get to know him as a person, outside of his interest in diapers, is likely to give the wrong impression to many of the members here.

    May I also kindly point out that your identity is a little confusing - if you are a friend of Stephen's posting on his behalf and relaying messages to him you may want to make that clear in your first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaybeeStevee View Post
    Hello. My name is Stephen..........
    I have a problem here. That problem is, you are not Stephen. You are in fact a "somebody" that chooses to remain anonymous. This is defiantly not how this forum works. In fact you are abusing the forum in the way you are presenting to it.

    By right what you should be doing is, introducing yourself. Having introduced yourself properly, you could communicate through your account here, on behalf of both yourself and your partner. Always bear in mind that this is your account, not Stephen's.

    Finally the real reason that I think you are a pisstaker is that Stephen's release will most certainly come with conditions attached. His parole will come with limitations placed upon him, ie, with whom he associates / communicates among others. I suspect that his association with a website that caters for minors will be a violation of his parole. That is to say that he would be precluded from parole should his association with this site be discovered.

    If you are for real, you need to clarify the introduction. You also need to look at this from your partners perspective, if indeed you do have his best interests at heart.

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    Default I guess I got off on the wrong foot.

    Okay, for starters, my name is Eric... I am Stephen's Daddy. I posted the profile and announcement at his request. He is, in fact, looking for people who will write to him... by e-mail at first, for anonymity in both directions, and hopefully later by snail mail.

    As he wrote, this is really his lifestyle, not mine, although he has introduced me to it and a do consider myself his Daddy.

    You are correct that when the time comes for his release, he will be subject to conditions, but none of these will have anything to do with his being a member of this community. He is not a sex-offender, and is not looking for a relationship with a minor. What he seeks are friends with whom he can share common experiences... something that I cannot provide.

    I am not sure who you are... both Acorn and BabyJess write as if they are moderators of this forum. I read and understand your concerns, but can't tell whether you represent this website, or only your own opinions. If you do represent the owner of the site, I wish you would tell me that. Otherwise, I feel that you, too, are misrepresenting yourselves.

    I am trying to do something good for a friend, and did not intend to make this into an argument.

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    Moderators will have their user mames listed in purple.

    Thus far, a moderator has not weighed in. I would caution you, as someone new to the site, that we are a fairly wary and tight-knit bunch of folks, by circumstance and neccessity. A/S/L-looking posts are cause for concern.

    I can appreciate you trying to do right by Stephen, Eric, but please take a moment to appreciate this from another view.

    I think this is all that is being asked above.

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    I'm sorry... I do not know what you mean by "A/S/L-looking posts." I have tried to respond to every criticism, but there is so much negative feedback, I doubt that anyone will consider helping my boy now. What more would you have me do? --Eric (Stephen's Daddy).

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    Hi Eric,

    Just to clarify I am not a moderator of this website (the names of moderators come up in purple) and do not represent staff on this website. Sorry if that was misleading. I understand that you are trying to do something good for a friend, and I am by no means trying to chastise you for that. Having been here a while I feel that asking members to write to your friend outside of the PM function on this website may be against the rules of the site, but it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules so I will drop the issue now and I'm sure a moderator will speak to you if necessary.

    As you are going to be the main user of this account I do suggest you further introduce yourself. We cater to anybody interested in the AB/DL lifestyle, including people who prefer the role of a carer like yourself. We now know a little about Stephen, but still very little about you. There is a good 'cheat sheet' to making a good introduction here that might help you think of what to write:

    The best way to make friends on this website will certainly be to integrate yourself into the community by becoming an active and respected member by posting relevant, interesting and well-thought out posts. If you haven't already read the FAQ page and the rules you may wish to take a look, they will help you get a feel of what this site is all about:

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    Okay, I'll take a different approach here. I, for one, do not have a major problem with someone seeking help from inside prison, if they are truly wanting to reform and find help that they have always been missing.

    I am glad to meet you Eric, and am glad you are trying to help someone change his life for the better. I'm not sure what the official site stance is on this topic, since there isn't anything specific in the general rules about people having someone post for someone who is incarcerated. It's unlikely two people could be using this account, since very few prisons has internet access that is more open than just emailing.

    I do have to caution that this site has minors, and while it is an awesome support community, many may find that you are here representing a felon offsetting and perhaps even scary. Coming clean with us about your own name is a good start though.

    Since you aren't into this, and you are the one who is the account owner, I must ask: is there anything we can do to help you understand this lifestyle a bit better? It must be difficult to be playing a caretaker role when you don't have much of an idea about what it is to be an ABDL in the first place, though I'm sure you're learning. Also, since you are here, I find it pretty cool that you're sticking up for a person who is trying to find solace and improve from his previous ways (I could relate to much of what he said besides the drugs and crime, btw). Do you care to share anything else about yourself of your friend that might help us to feel like we know you a bit better? Any interests or things you like to do in your spare time? How did you meet this guy?

    Just a few questions. If you end up being able to stay here, then I welcome you to the site and hope you have a good time on here.

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