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Thread: what are the top 15 BEST places for not being noticed when wearing diapers in public

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    Default what are the top 15 BEST places for not being noticed when wearing diapers in public

    i decided to make a GOOD thread
    i want to know what are the top 15 best places for wearing diapers in public
    without being noticed(smell, crinkle, noticed).
    sorry for my bad intro
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    The *Official* 20 Best Places to Wear Diapers in Public List:



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    Well, if it's public wearing you want to go for I guess outside would be the best place to start.

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    In a Lake or Pool has to be at least top 5....but a pool isn't really considered public i guess...

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    I don't know about twenty, but this was a David Letterman Top Ten list from way back that I got a kick out of:

    Top 10 Unsuccessful Mall Shops - October 6, 1987
    10. Jiffy-Spay
    9. Kentucky-Fried Pinworm
    8. One-Hour Autopsy-Mat
    7. Fatso Riley's Airtight Hellhole
    6. The Prescription Drug Swap Barn
    5. Big-and-Tall-Men's Lacy Lingerie
    4. Dr. Don's Plasma Pantry
    3. Mookie's Cookie Nook
    2. Giant Radioactive Red Lobster
    1. Grandma's Old-Fashioned Smallpox-Infested Army Blankets

    Try any or all locations!

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    To the tanning salon so those people on the beach just won't know quite what to make of you.

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    Okay this thread has gotten a off-topic,
    is this a joke, is the whole world trying to be mean to me???!?!?!?
    This was a thread for the top 20 BEST places to wear a diaper in public

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