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Thread: Plastic Pants problem... and resolution.

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    Default Plastic Pants problem... and resolution.

    About 6 months ago I ordered some Funtime print plastic pants from Fetware. They worked out great and were nice and crinkly. Unfortunately they started to split and crack all over. I followed the wash instructions to the letter, even just using warm water sometimes to clean it(never used my cloth diapers for pooping).

    Anyways, the guys at fetware said that the thicker and more crinkly the pants tend to rip and tear the easiest.

    So I guess the rule of thumb is, the softer the plants are and less crinkly, tend to last longer than the opposite kind.

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    Mine split from them after about 2 months. I'll never order from there site again. They are expensive, shipping takes awhile and they have sub par products.

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    I have been very VERY happy with the ones I got from Plastic Pants and Cloth Diapers for Incontinent Children, Youths, and Adults.

    Just a thought. =) They were expensivish, but I've never had any problems, they have cute designs and customize them too!

    Give them a try if you're looking for new ones.

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    How have you been washing them? I wash mine in the shower since it's convenient. I use dish washing detergent, washing both sides. Then I rinse them, both sides, twice. I shake them out and hang them up to dry. I've had the cute print one's for more than two years. I do like the soft ones, however, especially when I'm in them all night.

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    Mine come from "freedom health care" and usually will rent at the side seam after two months or so. However, I have now received a pair "40-"46 which being far larger means that I am not squeezing into them or stretching the material like I would have been when I chose to wear "36-"40", I'm hoping these will last a lot longer.

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    Dunno if this would help or not, but ArmorAll is supposed to be good for keeping plastic from degrading. You might try occasionally putting a light coat of AA on them and letting it permeate the plastic.

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    Oh, and keep in mind too that the material used for your pants is probably the same as used for infant pants, which don't really need to last more than 6 months or so anyway, since the kid will have outgrown them by then anyway. Realistically, adult ones should be made from a different material that is more durable for a number of reasons:

    Adults, being larger and stronger than babies, put the garment under far more tension
    Adult waste is more volatile than infant waste, and so puts a greater chemical strain on the material
    Adults don't outgrow the garment in 6 months, so material longevity becomes an issue

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    The problem is you are wearing the wrong size. I always order Gary pants a size larger then I need the one I bought a year ago are still good. I am a bedwetter and wear cloth diapers and plastic pants every night and have not had a pair wear out since I moved up in size. Before I thought they had to be tight to stop leaks and they would rip all the time, now I have found the cloth diaper stops the leaks and the plastic pants keep the wettness inside.

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    The Babykins vinyl plastic pants are nice and soft and are not very expensive. like $10 or $11 a pair.

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    I get most of my plastic pants from Comco and they hold up very well and last a long time too. I had a 3 pack that I wore at least one pair of then every day and they lasted over 2 years. I bought another 3 pack last spring and they are still holding up well but the same cannot be said for the Disney nursery print ones I bought from them at the same time. They were made from a thinner vinyl and have recently started to tear near the leg holes. Also if you order from Comco their plastic pants tend to run on the large side. I normally wear extra large but with Comco I wear size large.

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    Also got from Fetware. Tore after a few months as well.

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