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Thread: Good Seller Alert.

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    Default Good Seller Alert.

    I know we have beat the horse to death, but I ordered my ABU diapers... combo of cushies, SDK and some others..... about 60 diapers in all.

    Anyways, I ordered them Monday, they got here Friday....and they even sent me some lollipops!!!

    As far as ship time, it was the same as Bambino, but still nobody beats Bill at Fetware where he can get you your order in 2 days.

    Good to see ABU improving. Hope to do more business with these guys. Oh and if you were wondering when the the white snap on plastic-pants are going to be available?? They said they there was a problem with customs and as soon as it got sorted out they would start carrying them again.

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    All I have to say about this:


    I've never bought anything AB related online before, so I have nothing else to add, but glad it went well for you

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    Man my order came today, but it went back to the fedex place till Monday, cause I wasn't home Now I really wonder if there are lollipops in mine.

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