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Thread: Concessions ending.

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    Default Concessions ending.

    Concession: Friday, October 8, 2010

    Sad to see it go, only furry webcomic I enjoyed and read all the archives of. But I can understand why, the plot was getting silly, and wasn't making sense, and there was no clear way of tying it all up.

    I'm sure as hell going to miss Matt and Joel through. I'm just hoping his next comic contains more bears :P


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    My thoughts involve you appending a superfluous "s" to the comic's title Immy bitched about that on Twitter the other day :p

    But yes, the plot did make no sense, and the Joel/Miranda stuff was subsequently boring; Immy is talented regardless of the comic, though, so I'm sure whatever he does next will be just as entertaining - we will just have to learn to identify emotionally with a new set of characters (unless he migrates a few over). I'm sure that many of us will miss those guys, though

    Did you read the blogpost linked in the news article under the comic?

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    Not superfluous, he just forgot the apostrophe :P

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    .... You totally just ruined my night.

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    And on the flipside, you just made my day.

    Now if stuff like Jack and Furthia High would just follow this example... :V

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    It will still be a few more months before it really over. And from what i heard Immy is going to starting a new comic after Concessions is over.

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